Top 7 Uses of Video Conferencing in Multiple Fields

  • — August 21, 2017

    It’s not at all surprising that video conferencing is becoming immensely popular at present. Irrespective of where they are physically situated, business executives, individuals, and groups usually interact with one another in real time by making use of video conferencing.

    Besides organizing a meeting or conference, people can also use video conferencing tool to have a video interview, remote diagnostics, telecommuting, and etc. They happen to be connected via top notch audio and video transmission with Internet connectivity.

    Being cost-effective and convenient, video conferencing has now been widely applied in many areas. And the listed below are top 7 uses of video conferencing in the different fields.

    1. Meetings or Collaborations

    Video calls assist a great deal to set up conferences, whether for business, enjoyment or training. Essential information can be talked over by managers or company heads even though they are far away from one another. Groups who would like to pre-plan a project can discuss details conveniently by applying features like screen sharing, white boarding, etc. An additional common practice to this particular procedure happens to be the student collaborations. One can effortlessly accomplish group study or student projects without voyaging or going for a drive.

    2. Online Teaching

    Technology has aided the world of long distance learning to become an actuality. Consequently, a teacher no longer requires being in the same room as his students. For example, long distance education programs have been included by both small as well as premiere Ivy League schools such as Harvard University in the USA in their syllabus. Even though the majority of these happen to be in video course form, live web-conference courses also constitute a significant portion.

    It is simple to interact with a huge number of people simultaneously by making use of video conferencing. Questions can be answered by a professional to any student from any location. Meanwhile, this approach can also be employed for teaching students in rural areas. A proper setup is only needed and a competent teacher will be capable of teaching his students by making use of the process.

    Apart from the usual student and teacher arrangement, it can likewise be employed to teach the fellow instructors or even contact them for sharing ideas.

    3. Business Administration

    During the past, it was actually out of the question to manage a business on the web. However, remote workplaces and virtual staff have become a standard setup with the intro of the web. Interacting through email, chat services, which includes video conferences have grown to be an important part in motivating these types of companies. It is now feasible for the employers to make contact with their freelance designers, copy writers, administrative staff along with other staff remotely. Besides bridging the gap, it likewise creates a more effective and worldwide workplace with little effort.

    4. Video Interviews

    In the yesteryears, video interviews were not common. Nowadays, video calls or conferences are being utilized by numerous industries in an effort to reach a number of experts at once, recognize the potential workers for the organization, get in touch with correspondents and much more. Leading news networks usually link different individuals for interview by making use of meetings. At times while a correspondent is not reachable, a useful internet transmission and an internet service program which provides video conferencing might help. Each party will be benefited by the volume of cost savings which includes traveling time.

    Different parties can easily interact with one another simultaneously even though they may be from diverse areas. Although it was once a complicated technology, nowadays it’s feasible to effortlessly do meetings with more sophisticated phone systems and quicker net services.

    5. Working from Home

    A lot more staff, at present, is prepared to select an innovative method of working from home. Workers will be able to make use of video conferencing to keep linked to customers or co-workers in a realistic way. It will save you considerable time invested on the way and stop you from getting worn out due to a traffic jam or a crowd in the subway. As a matter of fact, home based work will be an ideal choice in case you were an expecting mother and actually more and more people are taking advantage of tools like Skype or many other Skype alternatives for their remote work. They can easily perform a real-time Internet meeting by just quickly downloading and running it on desktop or mobile.

    6. Distance Diagnostics

    The ability to identify a symptom or problem from afar is referred to as remote diagnostics. In health care, it is feasible for the affected person to be in the home or even overseas and the medical professional or expert could be in a different area. This tactic is also employed by the cosmonauts in the International Space Station while using cameras or remote calling for the assistance of the ground staff. Furthermore, remote diagnostics is likewise employed by business phones too, particularly those linked with PABX systems; earlier, operators used to switch calls manually, but right now it is accomplished automatically by special techniques.

    7. Legal Environment

    Video conferencing is utilized by a lot of courtrooms as well as prestigious authorized offices for connecting with unwilling prisoners or witnesses that are struggling to appear personally to be questioned. The individual will feel like he is actually there because of the amazingly impressive actions taken by high quality video conferencing. It is sometimes far easier to have a witness or a prisoner broadcast themselves digitally as compared to having them appear face-to-face. Despite the fact that the courtrooms are the places to make use of video conferencing for this task, it can be useful to any business that requires making use of the testimony of somebody who does not wish to appear face-to-face.


    Top quality video conferencing solutions are creating incredibly helpful business equipment which can be used in lots of innovative as well as interesting ways. Just like the leading businesses, this technology may be used by any organizations in the multiple field to fully make use of the enhancement in productiveness, cohesion, as well as development.

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