Top 5 Packaging Options to Help You Make Your Customer’s Product Experience More Memorable

June 12, 2016

One of the biggest issues with online business concerns is coming in touch with their consumers in a more direct way. You do not have a shop, where you can welcome them and lure them with your fancy decor, well-organised show pieces, welcoming and knowledgeable staff and all over personal assistance. This often leads to less loyal patronage for the brands.


One of the best ways to sort this issue is by appointing special steps to upgrade the product experience for your customer’s when delivering the order. How do you do this? You do this by opting for the most efficient and proficient packaging options.

How to ensure efficient packaging?

A well-packed product always leaves a lingering impression on the consumer and that is exactly what you should be focusing at. To provide efficient packaging solutions, it is important to understand the basics of efficient packaging. Efficient packaging can not only secure products during the whole shipping and delivery project, but also help to curate an undying impression of trust amongst consumers for the brand. Here are a few basics that you need to comprehend for better and more efficient packaging:

efficient packaging

  • Nature of product

One of the basics to deciding the type of packaging requirement is the nature of product you are readying to deliver. The nature of the product, such as perishable or imperishable, brittle or not, etc contribute in making proper choices of packaging materials.

  • Size of product

The second consideration that contributes hugely to deciding your packaging needs is the size of the product. Judge the size of the product efficiently to ensure that you do not end up with comparatively small or bigger packaging material.

  • Type of product

Packaging requirements change with every different type of product, such as fashion apparels, accessories, food items, gadgets, etc.

Packaging requirements

Along with these top 3 considerations, there are also another handful of other things that a business needs to consider, in order to accomplish efficient delivery of merchandise.

Top 5 packaging options to help you enhance your customer’s product experience: has the best packaging tips up its sleeves for establishing perfect Buyer-Seller connections and an all over superior and efficient experience for consumers. Here are the top 5 packaging options that you can consider to get in better touch with your buyers:

Cardboard Boxes

The cardboard boxes, traditionally used to pack the product, are without a doubt the most important aspect of the packing and shipping process. Since first impressions go a long way, it is imperative to appoint a box that looks good, boasts creativity and serves its purpose immaculately well. Though the traditional sturdy, brown boxes did their job well, what is important is to make smart choices, choices that are customized by the type, nature and size of the product to be shipped. There is no point over expending on your packing needs; similarly, there is a high chance of damage if you are skimpy on the necessary measures. Choose boxes that securely hold the item, till it is delivered to its owner.

  • Plastic containers

Over the span of last decade, plastic containers of various shapes and sizes have come to become of immense priority. These containers can be used not only to store food items but have also gone forward to securing other products such as- accessories, glassware, etc. Along with plastic containers or boxes, plastic bottles have also proven their proficiency. These plastic bottles are often appointed for industrial use, where they are used to store liquid soap, detergents, juices, milk and other similar items. Storing products in plastic containers makes it extremely easy to ship them.

  • Shape of packaging material

There is a reason hat boxes are made square or rectangle. They fit into spaces well and reach every nook and corner of a storing area, without wasting any valuable space. When you are shipping products, you are not only paying for their weight, but also for the space they accommodate. Opting for round, oval or other shaped packaging options, such as boxes, trunks, cases, etc, will only result in mis-utilising valuable space.

  • Size of Packaging material

Apart from the material used to create the package, the shape of the package, another important point of consideration is the size of the package. Opt for tight fitting packages, this not only diminishes the size of the whole package, thus saving space, but also result in providing higher security to the product inside. This is achieved by not letting the product move or topple, inside the container.

  • Using Fillers

Fillers such as the foam inserts, bubble wraps, Styrofoam peanuts and air pillows are one some of the efficient and traditionally used fillers in the market today. They help make the packaging of products and the subsequent shipping a lot safer and secure, ensuring no harm to the product. The job of these fillers is to protect the product packed inside their container. Often during shipping (by road, air or sea) packages tend to move, shift or topple, these are the chances, where the product can be damaged. The fillers secure them from this subtle chance of damage.

In case you are new to the online business sector or are an existing e-business that wants to spread its consumer base, opting for creating better and more memorable product experience for customers is bound to help.

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