Top 5 Must-Have IT Solutions to Scale Your Small Business

With the pandemic aftermath, going remote with your employees will require some re-configuration of your current IT systems to support a different working structure.

Today, everyone would agree that IT solutions provide the foundation for practically all types of modern organizations from small startups to enterprise small businesses.

IT solutions and services are needed in a variety of areas within an organization whether in production, optimization, management, or accessibility to data and business procedures.

Many small businesses can now be run from home – from cloud kitchens to ecommerce shops and YouTube channels.

Businesses, regardless of their size, are consistently on the chase for IT services and solutions to assist them in achieving their business goals.

Here are top recommended IT solutions for small businesses and startup-stage companies:

1. Modern Workplace Solutions

Modern workplace solutions are absolutely a must-have in order to scale your small business for growth and encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Workplaces are evolving at lightning speed, with new business models and complex security issues.

Complex legacy systems just don’t cut it anymore as they are unproductive and inefficient for the tech-savvy modern workforce.

Modern workplace solutions empower employees to be as productive on-the-go on their mobile devices as they are on desktop computers in the office.

Whether it’s email or document editing and storage, full productivity suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace integrate all these products into one combined package.

Having the right cloud-based tools for your small business can help to connect and support employees so they can work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

2. Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is a combination of data backup and disaster recovery systems that operate cohesively to ensure business continuity. Even small businesses need to protect their company from the effects of critical adverse events. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is a cloud service that ensures rapid recovery of workflows and solutions in a disaster or force majeure from the primary data center.

DRaaS guarantees smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure. It permits you to transfer the whole infrastructure or part of it to another party cloud environment in case of IT systems failure and other force majeure, such as human mistakes, fires, flooding, and power outages.

Using cloud-based storage and backups makes it easy for small businesses to increase data security and ensure there are backups available.

Planning for disaster recovery is vital for business continuity. This enables your organization to return to its typical operation within the period specified by a specific solution in case of any disruption.

3. IT Security

IT security is essential in preventing unauthorized access to organizational resources such as computers, networks, and information. It preserves the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data, blocking accessibility to hackers and outside parties.

IT security prevents malicious threats and possible security breaches that may have a massive influence on your business. Within your internal business network, IT security helps ensure only authorized users can access and make changes to sensitive data that resides there. IT security functions guarantee the confidentiality of your company’s data.

Cyber Security Solutions for Small Businesses:

  • Network Firewalls
  • Online Traffic Protection Systems
  • Safety Event Tracking Systems
  • Identity & Access Control Systems
  • Protected Remote Access

4. Hardware/Device Procurement

Small businesses need IT hardware procurement service including determining and advocating which computers, networks, systems, or elements will probably be best suited to their business.

IT professionals can help small businesses whether they need help constructing a whole system or deciding which particular product to improve within their network.

Aside from IT device procurement services, startups may need help with comprehensive infrastructure management solutions that will aid businesses to install, execute, and track components or whole networks.

5. Connectivity Services

Not all businesses are the same, small businesses and startups may need a LAN, WAN or integrated wired and wireless network.

The key thing is keeping your network robust, fast, and secure. It must be up to speed for your current business environment as well as scalable for future growth.

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