7 Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Visibility

  • — December 23, 2016

    7 Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Visibility

    We have outlined seven Pinterest tactics gathered from successful social media practitioners guaranteed to raise your Pinterest visibility.

    #1: Price Tags

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    Ensure that your products are labeled with their price information. More often than not, product cost occupies top priority for mental note-taking. Since pins are more easily and conveniently shared by users, driving traffic to your site might as well bring you customers ready to purchase.

    Of course, provide a holistic mix of creativity, inspiration and product details so your brand does not get labeled instantly to be purely sales oriented.

    (Tip from Ekaterina Walter, co-founder and CMO of Branderati and bestselling author of the Power of Visual Storytelling)

    #2: Pin It for Later

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    You can help your readers bookmark your articles quickly and easily through your “Pin it for later” link for later reading.

    All you have to do is include not just a link to the blog post but also your “Pin it for later” link on your Google+ post. This works best if added at the end of the write-up or the bottom of the Google+ post.

    (Tip from Brian Honigman who is a social media enthusiast, a freelance writer, and a marketing consultant.)

    #3: Mixing Pinterest with Emails

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    What better way to keep your readers posted but to include a screenshot or link of your Pinterest account in their email inbox? This is definitely an easy and direct way to connect your reader to all your Pinterest boards and products. Adding “Pin this” to your post will open more positive responses now that your pins are more within reach.

    (Tip is from Jason Miles who is Liberty Jane Clothing co-founder and CEO and author of no less than the #1 bestselling book about Pinterest marketing– Pinterest Power.)

    #4: Most Popular Group Boards


    Entering group boards is another fool-proof way of guaranteeing repins, followers and traffic and this can be done with PinGroupie which is a hassle-free tool in finding boards that would best help you.

    On PinGroupie’s home page, fill out the search fields then choose a specific category that is aligned with your Pinterest categories. Then sort according to which parameter you wish to filter. What is highly recommended is to sort according to the number of repins because this helps in ascertaining the traffic to the board. Once all of the above are done, click “Filter” and the group boards will be sorted accordingly.

    (Tip is from the author of White Paper Marketing and founder of Social Marketing Writing, Mitt Ray.)

    #5: Promote

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    Cross-promoting your account profile can be done via other social media platforms. Try to be up to date and capitalize on a newly created board or pin, the latest trend or a holiday.

    You can keep your followers and subscribers posted by tweeting about Pinterest at least two times a week and posting on Facebook at least once every two weeks. Or you may also just add a free Pinterest app on your Facebook account. Profile widgets and “pin it” buttons embedded on your images also do the trick.

    (Tip is from HelloSociety’s Social Media Manager, Zoe Waldron.)

    #6: Blog Boards

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    Blog boards allow your followers to be informed every time you post a new blog on your board. The key for the success of the blog board is to ensure you use only relevant keywords for best turnout in search engine results.

    Once done with the post, pin it on your board and include some brief information regarding the blog, a link to the post itself and a high-quality image to attract more audience.

    (Tip is from Anna Francis is the Content Manager at My Social Agency.)

    #7: Pin Alerts to track Pinners


    Tracking people who pin items from your competitor’s website can actually be an opportunity for you to find new leads. Pinalerts is an application that can help you find the pinners by setting alarms when a certain items are pinned from a specific domain.

    From here, you can do your reviewing of a pinner’s followers, boards and number of pins. Remember, the higher the number, the more active the pinner. And that’s the lead you want to follow. By the way, we created a guide on using Pinterest, for those who are getting started.

    (Tip is from the founder of RazorSocial, Ian Cleary.)

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