Top 5 AI-Based Corporate Gifting Platforms to Use This Holiday Season

“Do you think we’ll forget you on Christmas just because you moved to Texas?” Deep down, every remote worker wishes for a note like that from their employer — hopefully with a little gift, a small token of appreciation. But if you’re trying to pick a present at the last minute, you might find yourself running out of time.

According to the latest data, businesses more than doubled their gift spending this year. As of October 2021, the average check had increased by 66%, with a standard pay rate of $ 125 per unit year-over-year. But a good gift is thoughtful and personal. With so many teams, even small businesses, spread across the U.S. and abroad, it’s almost impossible to know the recipient’s preferences.

If business owners and marketing professionals had enough time, they would research their employees and clients on Google, dig into their social networks, and scroll through hundreds of pictures to select the perfect gift. In today’s fast-paced world, no one has that much time in their hands. Thankfully, you don’t need to—AI solutions can do the work for you.

Giftpack is an AI-based platform specializing in personalized gifts. The solution can analyze each recipient’s digital footprint and social media accounts. Giftpack provides an access to a pool of 2.5 million products for different people and occasions. The solution is available in 78 countries around the globe. The company takes care of generating, ordering, and shipping gifts worldwide to help strengthen business relationships for anyone anywhere.

Sendoso is a great option for businesses looking for help with gifting and other tasks. The service ships direct mail, company swag, and customer gifts to recipients worldwide. The solution can be integrated with your existing customer relationship management systems. Sendoso can deliver personalized gifts from Amazon with handwritten notes and branded packaging. The platform also offers virtual experiences and events.

Alyce can recommend personalized gifts for recipients, allowing them to accept, exchange, or donate their gifts. The brand focuses on building quality connections through hyper-personalized gifts, swag, direct mail, and invitations. The brand also lets its customers put together a customized marketplace of swag items for recipients to choose from.

Gift My Client follows corporate guidelines and governance restrictions. The platform also allows businesses to curate selected gifts. The platform creates a personalized catalog in the form of an online store for recipients to browse. Gift My Client ships to 54 countries, including North America and most of Europe. The service also offers a customizable reporting dashboard.

Snappy is a gifting service for businesses looking to have a little fun with their gifting process. Employers can choose their price range to set a collection of redeemable gifts recipients can select from. These curated gifts range from experiences to artisan products. The service also offers a digital scratch card for employees to reveal their employers’ “surprise” gifts.

AI-based platforms help businesses maximize ROI while increasing employee engagement and support sales. These solutions also handle logistics and operational tasks. Most importantly, they provide data reports on recipients’ satisfaction. Thanks to AI, business owners could save time and resources to focus on the human aspect of engaging with employees and clients. And, of course, enjoying their well-deserved holidays with friends and family.

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