This Week In Visual: Spotlight On Instagram

August 28, 2015

Instagram initially adopted square photos as a way to distinguish itself from other image platforms, but in an announcement this week, they’ve said it would finally enable full-size landscape and portrait photos. Some brands are already starting to experiment with the new format and changing the way they look at mobile photography. So this week, it’s all about Instagram.

1. You can now post full-size landscape and portrait photos on Instagram.

Instagram is updating its Android and iOS apps to enable native support for full-size landscape and portrait photos and video inside the app. They’ll run alongside the traditional square photos, which will remain the default for photos shared on Instagram.

2. Brands start to experiment with the new format freedom on Instagram.

“Brands were quick to post wide and vertical images, experimenting with the new format freedom. Taco brand Ortega, tequila maker Don Julio, Mountain Dew and Ruby Tuesday were just some of the Instagram marketers trying it out.”

3. How Instagram is changing the way brands look at photography, online, and beyond.

“Call it the ‘Instagram Effect’ – that filtered, shadowed, sharpened, brightened, tilted, faded, structured, saturated way of seeing life through a lens. It’s changed the way people portray themselves and see others. And it’s having the same impact on brands.”

4. Stop selling products, start selling experiences.

Last week, we held a webinar that explored why marketers need to think beyond the products they sell. By presenting their collections in the context of desirable experiences, brands can enhance the consumer experience. In case you missed it, here’s a replay.

5. Why images are key to m-commerce’s success.

“The mobile web is first and foremost a visual medium because mobile devices are ideal for creating and consuming visual content. Instagram’s rates of user engagement are nearly 50 times higher than those of Twitter. … The next step: turning our appetite for visual content into actually buying stuff.”

6. For back-to-school retailers, Instagram delivers 7x the engagement of other channels.

“Brands are newer to Instagram than they are to other social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. We see that the conversation is more authentic because brands are interacting with followers from a lifestyle promotion perspective rather than a product promotion perspective.”

7. 3 signs digital marketing is facing a social tsunami.

MediaPost lists three signs that getting good at social marketing and advertising will pay off in a much bigger way very soon: 1) The Facebook audience network is maturing; 2) The Twitter audience platform is maturing too; 3) ATLAS has changed the game of attribution.

8. Report: Strong start for Instagram ads in early going.

Salesforce analyzed the Instagram ad performance of 12 of its clients and found the following: “Instagram is a relatively new platform for digital advertising, but initial results show that it has the potential to be a powerful one. Our results show that engagement on ads is high.”

9. Influencer marketing success rises; Instagram shows high amplification rate.

A new report by eMarketer reveals Influencer marketing campaigns generated impressive results, and that Instagram has a stronger social amplification rate than any other social channel, leaving its competition in the dust.

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