The Top 10 Local Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

Need more leads?

Who doesn’t…

Local lead generation is the lifeblood of any local business.

Without a continuous flow of leads, you may be right around the corner from going out of business.

To help you generate more leads, we have put together a Top 10 Tips Infographic below:

The Top 10 Local Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

D? Y?ur Research

B?f?r? you ?v?n ?tt?m?t to generate local leads, d? ??ur research t? get ?????f?? d?t??l? ?n your target ?ud??n??.

Wh? ?r? they?

Wh?t ?r? they ???r?h?ng f?r online?

H?w ?r? they ??ndu?t?ng th??? searches?

Look at questions your customers have asked and work from there.

Th?? will help ??u create an ?ff??t?v? k??w?rd strategy t? capture these l??d?.

U?? Paid Onl?n? Adv?rt???ng

P??-??r-?l??k ?nl?n? ?d? ?r? a gr??t way t? dr?v? h?ghl?-t?rg?t?d tr?ff?? to your w?b??t? qu??k?r th?n SEO.

With a set m?nthl? budget ?nd some solid k??w?rd?, ??u ??n capture ?????f?? local leads wh? ?r? l??k?ng f?r ??ur ?x??t products or ??rv???? ?n the area.

Just don’t try to go this alone or you could waste a lot of money.

Google Adwords is not an easy feat to tackle for a small business owner.

C?nn??t w?th Pr?????t? on Social M?d??

M?r? and more ????l? ?r? u??ng social m?d?? t? ?nt?r??t with local bu??n????? in their ?r??.

If ??ur t?rg?t ?ud??n?? ?? ???nd?ng t?m? ?n ??t?? ?u?h as F???b??k, Twitter, ?r L?nk?dIn, ??t u? profiles on th??? sites and start ???tur?ng th??? local l??d?.

According to social media statistics, LinkedIn is the number 1 social network for lead generation, facebook only 24%.

Make sure to also optimize your social media profiles and post daily.

Build a Targeted Em??l List

Inviting your target ?ud??n?? to subscribe t? ??ur ?m??l l??t ?? ?n? ?f th? easiest ways t? g?n?r?t? new local l??d?.

G?v? ?w?? something ?f value ?n ?x?h?ng? for th??r ?m??l address ?? you ??n ????l? f?ll?w-u? w?th th?m.

Th?? is a great w?? t? bu?ld r?l?t??n?h??? ?? they ??n g?t to know you b?tt?r.

Neil Patel wrote a great guide to get you started.

Improve S??r?h Eng?n? Visibility (SEO)

M??t ??n?um?r? g? t? th? search engines to l??k f?r l???l ?r?du?t? ?nd services.

Y?ur website n??d? t? show u? h?gh in th? r??ult? ?n ?rd?r t? ???tur? th??? hot local l??d? who are ??t?v?l? searching f?r what ??u ?ff?r.

If you need help with this check out our Small Business SEO Guide.

O?t?m?z? Your L???l Listings

L???l listings, ?u?h ?? G??gl? My Business, Y?h?? L???l, ?nd Bing L???l w?r? created ?????f???ll? to ??nn??t local bu??n????? with l???l consumers.

M?k? sure ??ur l??t?ng? are complete ?nd optimized so they ??m? u? higher in th? search r??ult?.

Need to check if your listings show up?

Check out Moz’s free platform to find out.

Edu??t?, Inf?rm, and S?lv? Problems

Many ????l? ???ur the web f?r ?n?w?r? to th??r problems ?nd concerns.

A? a result, m?n? ?f th?m end u? d??ng bu??n??? w?th companies th?t have published great ??nt?nt th?t h?l??d them ?ut.

Im?l?m?nt methods, ?u?h ?? bl?gg?ng, t? consistently publish this t??? ?f “lead-pulling” ??nt?nt.

Enh?n?? Y?ur S?t? f?r Conversions

G?tt?ng traffic t? ??ur ??t? ?? ju?t th? beginning.

Th? ???ng on th? ??k? ?? converting th?? tr?ff?? ?nt? n?w solid leads.

M?k? ?ur? ??ur ??t? ?? ?qu????d to k??? v???t?r? l?ng?r, as w?ll ?? m?t?v?t? th?m t? t?k? action.

G??d content, v?d???, ?m?g??, ?nd ?tr?ng ??ll?-t?-??t??n ?ll ??? ?n ?m??rt?nt r?l? ?n b???t?ng conversions.

Check out the free tools at SumoMe to help increase conversions.

C?n??d?r P???ng f?r Leads

SEO t?k?? t?m? t? get r??ult? ?nd ???-??r-?l??k ??n be ?x??n??v? for ??m? m?rk?t?.

But w?rk?ng w?th a high-quality l??d source can d?f?n?t?l? h?l? ??u ??nn??t w?th m?r? qu?l?f??d local leads.

Th?? m?th?d is powerful in ?x??nd?ng your r???h ?nd ????ng a r?w?rd?ng ROI.

Follow-Up w?th Your Leads

Wh??h?v?r method ??u choose to g?n?r?t? new local l??d? f?r your bu??n???, be sure t? keep the l?n?? of ??mmun???t??n flowing w?th th?m ?? ??u ??n convert th?m ?nt? br?nd new ????ng customers.

Keep following up as sometimes it can take up to 7 touches for a lead to respond.

Oth?rw???, ?ll ?f ??ur efforts will simply b? a w??t? ?f time ?nd m?n??.

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