The Inside Scoop: What It’s Like To Work With A Negotiation Consultant

August 9, 2015

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain and spilling the goods on what it’s like to work with a Negotiation Consultant. You’ll learn the nitty gritty on what happens from when your appointment is booked, until the action plans and strategies are in your hot little hands and making magic for your business.

Ready for the big reveal?

Here’s the scoop.

Mixing and Matching.

Emails, phone, skype, in person. Lots of ways to communicate, and ways to shape what we do together. I’ve mapped out what I think will work best in each package I offer…but if something’s not working for us, we figure out a better way. (And frankly, some days are just not video conference days…amiright?)

No Laughing Matter

Just kidding! I have a rule with all of my clients: You must laugh at least once while we’re working together. If you haven’t had a giggle, cracked a smile, or you still think that negotiation (and negotiators) are boring, then I’ve failed. I think Chief Smiley shows up at my door and asks me to change my name.

It’s Just A Chat

The first time we meet you may be expecting me to ask a trillion questions and give you a grilling about your business. And when that doesn’t happen…you’ll be extra nervous. But don’t worry – it’s normal. I think that we’ll do our best work by having a normal conversation.

Order From Chaos

Connection and conversation are the precursors to a crystal clear action plan. One of my super powers is taking a big spaghetti mess of ideas and turning it into step-by-step guidance for you. Think of me as your personal negotiation and pricing GPS. Except I won’t accidentally send you down a creepy dead-end country road.

Posture Plus

My junior years as a ballet dancer actually don’t have much to do with this. It’s all about you leaving our session with a spark of confidence that has you sitting up straighter. The full flame comes from taking action and seeing the strategy through…but you can’t start a fire without a spark, right? #TheBoss

Stuck Like Glue

Sorry, you can’t shake me. Once we work together, I like to keep in touch. I’m gonna want to know how you’re progressing, how I can help you through any snags, and what your next big plans are. So when an email or card arrives out of the blue, it’s because you’re one of my people now, and I’m thinking about ya!

 There ya have it. The scoop. The dirt. The dish on what it’s like when you work with a Negotiation Consultant.

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