What to Expect When Applying to CPA Networks

August 9, 2015

What to Expect When Applying to CPA Networks

To weed out newbies and scammers, nearly all legitimate CPA network has an application process. All CPA network online application forms are pretty much the same because they all are using the same criteria in order to determine if applicants should be allowed to join or not.

Some are harder than others to get approved, but one thing remains the same from one network to another, they want experienced marketers promoting their products or even a gameplan to sell, something.

So here’s some basic information below to help you get “approved” into a CPA network…

So before we dive into what you need, let’s look at which CPA network we should approach first, and of course i’ve done that for you, click here for my top 10 list “Top 10 CPA networks to use to Skyrocket Your Sales”.

After you take a peek at my list you get the idea who the top network is, and which networks (are still good) but on a smaller scale. Neverblue, Clickbooth, Max Bounty and Peerfly are good and i have ran with all of those companies and made some pretty slick profits using mostly Google and Bing PPC traffic.

What You Will Need

Here’s the primary information they will ask you for:

  • Personal Information – This includes your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and so on.
  • Tax ID Number – If you are incorporated as a business, you will be given a Tax ID Number. If you are an individual, your Social Security number is, in effect, your Tax ID number. If you aren’t a US citizen and don’t have a SS#, you can just fill in zeroes and when you call them explain that you are doing business from a country outside the US. This won’t disqualify you: CPA networks always have tons of non-US affiliates. The procedure will then depend on the network.
  • Website – If you have a website that you are going to use to promote the CPA networks’ advertisers, you should list it here. If you don’t currently have a website or are planning on setting up individual websites for each offer, you can leave this blank or just put something like will-discuss-in-phone-interview.com or www.LandingPageIsOfferSpecific.com and they usually can figure it out.
  • Experience – What internet marketing experience you have. Don’t lie or exaggerate. If you are an absolute beginner, simply tell them you are looking to anxious to get started in Internet marketing and discuss the plans you have to promote their offers in as much detail as you can.
  • Your Plan – How you plan on promoting their offers. Explain as briefly as possible how you typically promote affiliate offers (PPC, SEO, Solo ads, Blogging and so on).

How to Get Past the Telephone Screening

Some CPA networks don’t phone screen their applicants at all. You probably are going to want to stay away from these CPA networks because if they are letting everybody in the door they probably don’t have a great client list.

Once you have been through the first phone screening, they are all pretty much the same. Typically, they only last about a two or three minutes and the screener will ask two or three questions.

Basically, they are trying to determine if you are on the up and up and not a scammer or newbie. Here are some typical questions you can expect:

  • How much traffic do you anticipate generating?
  • How much do you spend daily/weekly/monthly?
  • How did you hear about our network?
  • How long have you been promoting CPA offers?
  • How do you plan on promoting the offers?
  • Do you belong to any other networks? If so, which ones?
  • What kind of offers do you like?
  • What niche of offers are you interested in?

If it helps you, try writing out your answers to these questions and practice answering them out loud before your first phone screen. Try to sound as confident and experienced as possible.

While phone screen can be intimidating at first, after a few they become second nature and you will have nothing to worry about. Just be honest and tell them HOW you are going to market and have an answer when they ask you questions.

Calling the CPA Network First

Sometimes you can avoid the phone screen altogether if you contact the CPA network after your submit your application but before they call you. Many CPA networks’ home page will have a telephone number listed under their “Contact Us” tab. If not, try running an Internet search. Or you can simply send them an email.

If you reach them, ask to speak to the person in charge of the affiliate applications. Once you reach that person, introduce yourself by name and explain that you have just submitted your application and are interested to know how long the approval process takes or if there is any additional information you can provide.

A lot of affiliate marketers won’t take this step, but they absolutely should because it indicates to the CPA network that you are ambitious and serious about promoting their clients.

Plus, developing a relationship with somebody at the CPA network is helpful later on when you are doing business with them especially you are having problems or issues, which can sometimes happen. It’s always nice to have a name you can call on the inside.

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