The First Ever Horror Email in the Inbox – Creating an Eerie ‘Experience’

— September 1, 2017

Disclaimer: This email was NOT created for Annabelle Creation. It was our sheer love for horror flicks that inspired Monks to create this ‘experience email”.

We love horror flicks, yes we do! While we know they’re unrealistic, we love the tension, the adrenaline rush, and the goose bumps. So, the Monks, taking a break from their daily routine, planned a movie outing last weekend to watch Annabelle 2.

Needless to say we loved the film but what’s worth sharing is we realized that you can take out the Monks from the Monastery but not email marketing out of Monks! Proof? The team of horror flick freaks, taking inspiration from the film, created this amazing email template!

Take a look before we jump into the details:

Best experienced with your headphones on ??

The eerie Interactivity

The Annabelle themed email was conceptualized using GIF and Keyframe animation.

Why GIF?

Because animated GIFs can deliver 41% increase in click-through rates and give you an incredible interactive experience. We’ve tried bringing the real haunting in GIF through blinking lights in the haunted house..

Did you noticed someone sitting on the chair? Watch it again!

Audio Effect

Audio is used to support the haunting feel in the email. Look at the chair closely and listen to the music in the email. Music in email can help you promote advertisements. Brands have defined theme music that can be used to relate your brand to customers, right inside the email.

Why Keyframe animation?

It helps to bring out an effect that is not possible through a GIF, which autoplays without any user control. Keyframe animation generates better email engagement by involving the subscriber to take an action to experience the animation. That helps generate click- throughs.
Click on Watch Now to check out the animation!

The Support Team (Email Client Compatibility)

Keyframe animation is currently supported by the following email clients:

  • Apple Mail
  • iOS mail
  • Android native app
  • AOL
  • Outlook iOS

GIF will be seen in Gmail, mobile apps, and web browser based email; audio, however, is supported only in Apple Mail.

For the rest, there is a fallback. EmailMonks love all email clients and won’t let any email client render emails badly.

Advantages of Creating an Experience in Email

Cashing on the hype around the film, we’ve created this experience in the email which is bound to draw attention and engagement. Moreover, one needs to click on the CTA – ‘Watch Now’ to see the keyframe animation, which makes the email interactive and entertaining.

So, it’s not just about the Annabelle email but how keyframe animation can help you create an experience in an email. Let us now see how various industries can use keyframe animation to engage their respective audience.

Real World Implementation of ‘Experience Emails’

  • Entertainment industry to promote a new series, movies, show
  • Ecommerce industry to highlight a new product, with 360° display effect
  • Mobile device brand to launch a new device
  • Automobile industry to showcase a new car model
  • Travel industry to display a new destination added in their customer experience list

If you loved this template, share and let people see the first ever horror email in their inbox. It’s fun!

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