The Evolution of Consumer Identity: 10 Predictions for 2015, Part 3

December 23, 2014

Growth in consumer demands for personalization, omni-channel experiences and data transparency caused leading brands to reevaluate the way they collect, store and apply customer identity data in 2014.

As 2015 draws near, we’ve taken stock of growing trends, examined industry forecasts and consulted our crystal ball to compile a list of ten consumer identity-related predictions poised to impact businesses over the course of the next year.

Last week, we shared our fourth and fifth predictions for 2015. Now, let’s take a look at the next two predictions on our list.

Prediction #6: Yahoo’s Presence as an IdP Will Disappear

It’s hard to believe that Yahoo’s quarterly share of social logins has fallen from a notable 18% to a dismal 6% in just one year.

Not to mention, the network’s once 21% share of logins across North America has dropped 15 percentage points since Q3 2013. Once an identity provider of note, Yahoo will continue to face a steady decline as networks like Facebook and Google+ edge the company out of the IdP game.

Despite its attempt to own consumer identity on its “home base” by barring Facebook and Google+ login across major Yahoo properties, Yahoo will have to find a way to increase the value of users’ Yahoo identities to continue to rank as a third-party IdP – a move that the network is unlikely to make.

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Prediction #7: Customer Identity Will Become Integral to the Success of Marketing

According to a recent Experian survey, only 24% of businesses claim to have a single view of their customers across channels.

As consumers create an increasing volume of data across a growing breadth of touchpoints and devices, a clear understanding of identity will become imperative to building meaningful customer journeys and relationships.

Consumer-facing businesses will need to reconstruct the way they collect and manage customer identities, and marketing and IT will have to work together to put a comprehensive external identity management strategy in place.

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