The Big List: 80 Of The Hottest SEO, Social Media & Digital Analytics Tools For Marketers

Looking for software to help you do your job better? Look no further! Contributor John Lincoln has compiled a giant list of tools of for digital marketers.


In online marketing, having the right analytics tools and software can make a major difference. A good program can save you time and help demonstrate the value of your work to supervisors or clients.

Over the last couple of months, while preparing the syllabus for my next UC San Diego class and doing research for clients, I compiled and reviewed an extensive list of analytics programs for SEO and social media. I’m sharing what resulted in this column.

(Editor’s note: be sure to check out the 2015 Martech landscape for the latest developments in software for marketing.)

A few notes:

  • This is not a comprehensive list, but it is one of the biggest lists online and represents a solid chunk of what’s available out there. The entries aren’t in any particular order.
  • Many of the analytics programs also have some type of tool component — so you can take action on what you learn through analytics — and I included those, as well. There seems to be a natural progression in which tools add analytics elements and analytics programs add tools.
  • I did my best to include everything relevant to SEO and Social Media. If I missed a good one, make sure to let us all know in the comments.
  • I was unable to include every feature each of these analytic tools offered. The descriptions are brief and mostly come from the information offered at face value on the website, so if you’re a user and want to share info about an important feature (or about something that doesn’t work as described) please do so in a comment.
  • I don’t have any financial relationships with any of the companies mentioned here.

SEO Analytics Tools

1. BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo allows you to find key influencers to promote your content by analyzing content types and determining which topics receive the most attention, so you can get the best performance results. Simply enter a topic or domain to find a topic or influencer to reach out to, in hopes of getting them to promote your marketing or SEO campaign.

Pricing: Free, Pro $99, Agency $2299, Enterprise $499+ (per month)

2. HubSpot: HubSpot allows users to integrate marketing tools to build a marketing and sales platform. Offerings include analytics, CRM, blogging, social media, landing page creation, and call-t0-action testing.

Pricing: Basic $200, Pro $800, Enterprise $2,400 (per month).

3. Rio SEO: Local SEO, mobile search, social sharing analytics, retargeting software, and an automated SEO platform. A global automated SEO platform aimed at helping marketers to increase ROI.

Pricing: Determined upon needs. Must contact specialist.

4. Conductor: Conductor for SEO promises to help marketers reach out and grab their customers with compelling content. The web presence management tool helps you create a platform using unpaid channels like organic search, content, and social. The technology also gathers the data aimed at helping marketers transform their brand.

Pricing: Starter $1,995, Standard $3,750 (per month). Pricing for Premium and Elite packages available by request.

5. SEMrush: Discover competitive data from users, keywords, domains, and databases. SEMrush says it will help you drive your projects to the next level as massive amounts of SERP data is collected, allowing you to capitalize on search trends and competition to find relevant and real-world solutions. The comprehensive analysis fine tunes your SEO efforts.

Pricing: Pro Recurring $69.95, Pro 1 month $79.95, Guru Recurring $149.95 (per month).

6. Search Metrics: Search Metrics offers software, API, and SEO services for content, marketing, extensive digital solutions and web optimization. Review customized recommendations for on page and off page SEO using intelligence forecasts to define and achieve your business goals. Create a solid foundation with cross-channel campaigns to develop targeted strategies.

Pricing: User account Free, Essentials $69, Starter $449, Business price upon request (per month).

7. AuthorityLabs: Offers search engine ranking data with daily SEO ranking reports. Automate your marketing campaign, local rank tracking, and competition tracking. Then, share the data with your team by reporting to unlimited users.

Pricing: Plus $49, Pro $99, Enterprise $450 (per month)

8. Raven Tools: Manage and report all of your online marketing with Raven Tools. The company promises you’ll work smarter, not harder, with the SEO, content marketing, social media, and PPC tools you need. Raven says it will do the tedious work while you manage and report. Custom branding, campaign management, Google integrations, and more.

Pricing: Raven Pro $99, Raven Agency $249 (per month).

9. Spy Fu: The company promises you can expose the marketing formula of your competitors using Spy Fu to unlock their keywords, organic ranking, and ad variations for the past 6 years. Find the most profitable keywords and eliminate the poor to create the best ad copy by leveraging your competitors. Additionally includes SEO sales reporting and AdWords advice.

Pricing: Basic $79, Professional $139, Agency $999 (per month).

10. ProSEOTools: The company promises to combine big data analytics with actionable insights to help marketers maximize SEO performance. Discover the ranking of all keywords with instant ranking data, daily keyword and URL tracking, white label PDF reports, and the health of your SEO efforts.

Pricing: Pro Lite $49.95, Pro Medium, $89.95, Pro Large $199.95 (per month), Enterprise Custom pricing available upon request.

11. MOZ: Moz’s internet marketing software aims to simplify ranking, links, social, brand, content, and traffic– all in one place. It promises to help marketers find errors, missed conversions, and SEO opportunities with custom reporting and research tools. You can also create and manage your online business listings with a single click to boost your local search results and prevent your business from getting lost.

Pricing: Standard $99, Medium $149, Large $249, Premium $599 (per month).

12. Advanced Web Ranking: This online SEO software aims to help marketers thrive by providing local and mobile rank tracking, white label reports, competition monitoring, and data privacy. The company promises you will spend less time monitoring and more time optimizing as Advanced Web Ranking grows your business and revenue with pinpoint accuracy reports and monitoring, on demand ranking updates, and more.

Pricing for Lifetime Licenses: Standard $199, Professional $399, Enterprise $799, Server $2999.

13. SEO PowerSuite: The company says its 4 powerful tools will deliver everything you need for SEO functionality in one package. SEO PowerSuite says it can help marketers find the perfect whole website optimization campaign with specific automated SEO tasks to push their websites to the top. It also says you can accelerate your SEO efficiency by personalizing your SEO campaign by analyzing top competitors in a particular niche.

Pricing: Varies upon products and bundles

14. Whitespark: Whitespark’s tools and services allow you to manage and optimize your search presence and reach with a local citation finder, local rank tracker, and a link prospector. The company says it helps you make it easy for customers to find you with a review generator, building local search visibility that lasts.

Pricing: Varies upon product/service.

15. The company promises to help marketers track and prove their SEO with accurate daily keyword rankings. Test and monitor SEO experiments, understand charts and SEO data, and access daily reports with this SEO software. Access everything you need, including conversions, rankings, and traffic, from one dashboard, the company says.

Pricing: Solo $99, Pro $299, Enterprise $1999 (per month).

16. Positionly: Use this SEO software to monitor daily changes, measure SEO performance, and track competitors to improve your search engine ranking. The company says its tools will help you generate more organic traffic using pro-level tracking tools that feature a simple, usable interface. Plus, it says you can monitor media from around the web to react to mentions and monitor incoming links.

Pricing:$19, Silver $49, Gold $99, (per month). Platinum pricing available upon request.

17. RankRanger: The tool maker promises you can gain a competitive edge with this comprehensive SEO platform that provides daily keyword rank, tracking reports, and website insights to reach traffic and marketing achievements. Report and analyze, conduct market research, monitor social signals, and use a link manager to increase your site’s performance with the team-based platform.

Pricing: 250 Keywords $49, 500 keywords $99, 1500 keywords $249 (per month). 30 day free trials also available.

18. MySEOTool: Manage and monitor rankings, analytics, backlinks, social media, and PPC with simplified SEO tools with a traditional SEO interface. Automatically gather SEO metrics with automated PDF repots to take control over SEO. My SEOTool promises that with in-depth reporting, you can manage all aspects of SEO for better results and performance by staying organized with custom management features.

Pricing: Freelancer $49, Agency $99, Enterprise $249, Unlimited $499 (per month).

19. SheerSEO: SheerSEO is an online software that automates SEO efforts with rank tracking and link building. According to the company, you can create SEO reports for your website with SERP tracking, historical graphics, directory submission software, link analysis, social mentions, and alerts. You’ll receive data from Google Analytics to increase search volume.

Pricing: Varies from $7-$40 depending on needs. 2 months free also available.

20. WebPosition: The company promises competitive keyword optimization, inbound link analysis, and online rank tracking aimed to help marketers build an audience. It says you may use the data to get to know your competition to evaluate for inbound link opportunities, benefit from white label search ranking reports, and view an SEO summary in a single report.

Pricing: Standard $29, Premium $69 (per month). Free 30-day trial also available.

21. SEO Rank Monitor: SEO Rank Monitor, according to its makers, is a complete SEO ranking tool used to boost rankings, track competitors, and monitor SEO performance with comprehensive rank tracking reports. It promises to take the stress out of tracking with a user-friendly dashboard that makes ranking quick and simple.

Pricing: Personal $19, Pro $49, ProPlus $99, Enterprise $199 (per month).

22. Analytics SEO: This search engine optimization software offering promises to help you improve your search engine ranking to gain more website traffic, leads, and customers. It says whether you’re a small business or an agency, you can explore keyword data and create custom SEO campaigns with automated keyword research to discover the keywords that matter the most.

Pricing: Startup $29, Growing $59, Established $169 (per month). Free limited starter package available.

23. GeoRanker: Benefit from local ranking reports for cities and countries with custom heat maps to monitor and track rankings. Find local citation sources with indexation secrets to reveal the top sources in a specific city and industry. GeoRanker claims to have a powerful API that offers the data you’re hungry for and allows you to analyze white label reports to boost traffic.

Pricing: Pro $99, Agencies $249, Enterprises $490 (per month). Free account also available.

24. Microsite Masters: The company promises its offerings will provide you with reliable and accurate SERP tracking with ranking and performance reports. Advanced tracking metrics increase campaign efficiency by reducing guess work, the company says. Then, the tools allow marketers to share results, including multiple keyword sets and domains, while keeping sensitive data private.

Pricing: More information on site

25. Sistrix: The company promises an easy to use SEO tool that helps you create a SEO strategy in one place. Evaluate your link risk, learn from competition, and improve your on page optimization, while recognizing Google penalties, Sistrix says.

Pricing: Varies between 100-400 Euros per month. A 14 day free trial is available.

26. BrightEdge: The company says it offers a complete platform for content ROI with the latest SEO technology. It promises to help you align and optimize your content to improve results with increased conversions and revenue.  BrightEdge says it allows you to discover your competitor’s strategy so you can beat your competition.

Pricing: Available upon request.

27. Marketing Samurai: Marketing Samurai aims to help marketers automatically find more customers. Get your customers to buy more with increased traffic and leads through highly efficient SEO courses. You’ll sell more and sell faster as you climb in search engine ranking, turning more leads into actual revenue.

Pricing: Varies by needs.

28. GetSTAT: The company promises to help marketers exceed the ordinary with unlimited keywords from any location in the world. It says you’ll see unlimited SERP tracking from anywhere at any time with always fresh metrics and custom alerts. GetSTAT says it can help you stay ahead of your competitors with automated insights and full-scale competitor tracking results.

Pricing: Available upon request.

29. SEO Diver: The company says you can benefit from daily monitoring and analysis of competitors with keyword research and analytic backlink research. It claims it will help you optimize your website for more targeted and efficient results.

Pricing: Varies upon subscription length and needs.

30. ZoomRank: Supercharge your search marketing with the best tools and data with ZoomRank, the company claims. ZoomRank says it allows marketers to view accurate organic rankings, mobile rankings, local rankings, and raw rank results. It also tracks social metrics.

Pricing: Available upon request.

31. Rank Tracker: Discover how your search engine rankings are tied directly to your bottom line, Rank Tracker promises. You’ll see just where your site ranks on Google and Yahoo within minutes, the company claims. Then, view the best keywords to optimize your site for maximum performance.

Pricing: Range from $15-$499 per month. A free package is also available.

32. SERPFox: The company promises to help marketers leverage a simple, powerful, and automated search engine tracking system with advanced reporting, multiple timeframes, and consistent data. It says you can visualize SERP changes in a new light as you’re able to track daily, weekly, and monthly changes and also receive customized alerts.

Pricing: Starter $10, Intermediate $24, Pro $55, Corporate $99, Agency $200 (per month).

33. Tiny Rocket Lab: Track your onpage SEO efforts with the combined power of the rank trackers and onpage optimizer through Tiny Rocket Lab, the company says. It says you can track keywords, get suggestions, and follow results from one location. Create and assign tasks and experiments to team members with visuals to tell what’s working and what isn’t.

Pricing: Available upon request. Free account is available.

34. Rankinity: Measure your internet visibility with visual representations of your performance, Rankinity promises. It says it allows marketers to check hundreds of keywords on multiple search engines, including local searches, to estimate standings to reveal weaknesses. Compare your positions to your competitors and reveal new players on the market to enhance your promotion strategy.

Pricing: Varies upon number of keywords and checking interval.

35. Web CEO: Web CEO says its SEO tools and training allow marketers to research their niche and promote their website with a comprehensive SEO checklist. Create optimized content and monitor your site ranking across local and global search engines, according to the company. Listen to what people are saying about your company to analyze visitor traffic, conversions, and ROI.

Pricing: Varies upon needs.

36. SERPBook: Utilize accurate tracking with automated and white label SEO reports, SERPBook says it offers. Gather keyword information then view it on sophisticated charts and through powerful notes, so you can  see how your keyword has progressed throughout time, the company claims.

Pricing: Varies between $4.95 per month for 25 keywords/domains, to $329.95 for 500 keywords/domains.

37. CognitiveSEO: The company claims it offers cutting edge SEO tools to benchmark and outrank SEO competition. It promises a fast backlink checker, daily ranking tracker, and refined link analysis for better insight. Unique SEO features and integrated tools simplify management, tracking, and optimization, says CognitiveSEO.

Pricing: Professional $99, Premium $199, Elite $499 (per month). Custom Plans also available starting at $999/month.

38. Ezee Rank Tracker: Get accurate reports of your website’s ranking with unlimited website and keyword searches for regional and leading search engine results, Ezee Rank Tracker promises. Track social signals from 9 platforms and YouTube and receive up-to-date notifications to maintain your site’s performance with quick change reports, according to the company. Track and save your results to monitor performance.

Pricing: Varies upon product

39. SERPWoo: Monitor all of the top 20 results for your keywords with ORM and SERP analysis, SERPWoo claims. The niche tracker, according to the company, offers a quick glance as to how the top keywords are performing for a better understanding of your site. With integrated data, you’ll spot new competition, view SERP archives, discover new platforms, ORM monitoring, and view multiple data feeds.

Pricing: $19.95 per month.

40. SpyRanks: Improve your SEO with real-time position details, monitoring competitors, and API Google analytics, according to SpyRanks. The company says its tool will help you understand your global visibility better than ever before. The report configuration will allow you to plan, customize, and monitor your SEO campaigns with an easy to use interface.

Pricing: Is dependent upon subscription length and professional or individual status. One month and one year subscriptions available.

41. GinzaMetrics: GinzaMetrics aims to help marketers use marketing intelligence that’s designed to get you found with thousands of marketing strategies, search terms, content creations, and daily metrics to improve brand visibility. The company says its scalable SEO platform lets you view marketing channel insights, perform daily SERP tracking, do keyword and topic discovery, and gain content recommendations, while checking out competitor intelligence.

Pricing: Professional $1000, Premium $2000, Portfolio $3000 (per month). Enterprise package available upon request.

42. AlloRank: AlloRank says it allows marketers to view daily Google SERP reports with multiple keyword positions on several websites. Set the frequency to view results hourly, daily, or weekly. The personalized dashboard offers a free SEO tool, which is directly accessible through your web browser so there’s no need to install any software.

Pricing: Varies between 29-449 euros per month depending on plan. A free plan is also available.

43. Colibri.IO: Maximize brand visibility with social media and SEO monitoring in one, claims Colibri.IO. Tap into conversions, competitor info, collect leads, and improve your search engine ranking with SEO monitoring.

Pricing: Standard $95, Large $295, Agency $995 (per month).

44. SERPScan: Track your search engine rankings with SERPScan. The company says its tool will reveal actionable insights with daily reports and alerts for any drastic change. SERPScan claims to help you find out more about your local ranking, track your competitors, and track over 150 search engines from around the world with query tracking and real time updates.

Pricing: Consultant $99.99, Agency $249.99, orporate $399.99 (per month).

45. EZ Website Monitoring: Keep tabs on your website and your competitors with one easy to read report, says EZ Website Monitoring. Monitor and track the popularity of keywords, view historical graphs, and receive instant notifications. With Uptime monitoring, your website will be checked every 5 minutes from multiple locations to ensure it’s performing its best, the company claims.

Pricing: Site is currently in Beta, so it’s free.

46. Fresh Web Explorer: Research and compare mentions and links with analytics of your brand, competitors, and keywords with Fresh Web Explorer, the company claims. Fresh Web Explorer says it helps marketers index and find the latest mentions from over 3 million RSS feeds and more than 72 million URLs to discover the most relevant content on the web.

Pricing: Available with Moz packages. 30-day free trial also available.

47. SERP mojo: Track your rankings on an Android phone with this cool tracking application, say the makers of SERP mojo. There is a free version that is easy to install and use. With over 10,000 downloads and 788 largely positive reviews, this app helps marketers to track rankings on the go. You can also upgrade to Pro for daily data refresh and additional analytic insights.

Pricing: Free version and upgrade to pro for $3.99.

Social Media Analytic Tools

There are a lot of social media tools out there, but here are some to watch.

48. Iconosquare: Become more familiar with your Instagram account and how it’s performing with key metrics offered by Iconosquare, the company says. The company says it helps improve audience engagement via sponsored photo and video contests, while allowing marketers to discover their total “likes,” the origination of responses, and how followers are finding them. Iconosquare can be connected to Hootsuite.

Pricing: Available upon request.

49. Curalate: Curalate offers a smarter means to measure, monitor, and grow a brand using visuals, the company claims. According to Curalate, marketers can use the visual marketing platform to connect Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook to run contests, analyze social images, and schedule and publish posts.

Pricing: Available upon request.

50. Sprout Social: The company claims it offers world-class engagement tools allow you to engage, publish, and analyze to create an exceptional brand experience . The tool, according to the company, allows marketers to publish to Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, while engaging their audience right from their desktop or mobile device. Integrated analytics allow users to monitor their social media efforts with in-depth reports.

Pricing: Packages range from $59/month – $500/month

51. Brandwatch: Brandwatch is a business platform that allows advanced social media monitoring and analytics, according to the company. Searches pinpoint every discussion about your brand or product, allowing you to “listen” in 27 different languages to what people are saying. The data analytics offer customizable solutions to share data with your entire organization.

Pricing: Packages range from $800/month – $3200/month.

52. Radian6: Known as the industry’s social pioneer, Radian6 says it lets marketers quickly and efficiently track, monitor, and react to comments, questions, and complaints in real-time. Listen and engage more than 650 million sources, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Pricing: Available upon request.

53. Woobox: The company urges marketers to join more than 3 million brands by creating engaging social media promotions with powerful contests, sweepstakes, coupons, polls, and more. The promotional marketing and Facebook apps allow you to engage your fans to grow your fan base by spreading your message, while keeping fans happy. Although Woobox is more of a social platform for contests and engagement, they do offer some Facebook analytics.

Pricing: Packages range from free to $249/month.

54. North Social*: Offers fully integrated Facebook apps aimed at improving marketing and PR. The software, according to its makers, allows you to attract and engage to capture and maintain leads to drive better conversion and retention rates. Then, get a snapshot or in-depth report with easy-to-read analytics to measure your results to get more from your marketing.

*Note: Now a division of Vocus.

Pricing: Available upon request.

55. Hootsuite: Manage and measure more than 35 social media platforms from what the company calls the leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple social media accounts, schedule social media posts, track mentions, and analyze social media traffic to track conversions and measure campaign results. Join more than 10 million satisfied users to simplify managing your social networks, Hootsuite urges marketers.

Pricing: Varies upon needs. Contact for more information.

56. Twitter Feed: Feed your blog to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social networks, Twitter Feed promises. With real-time tracking, monitor stats for each of your feeds to see which content in generating the most engagement and which is generating the least. Use the data to adjust your blogging for increased success.

Pricing: Varies upon needs. Contact for more information.

57. Followerwonk: Followerwonk, a Twitter analytics tool from Moz, allows you to find, analyze, and optimize to increase your social growth. The company promises the tool helps you explore your social graph by connecting with new influencers, sort your current followers, understand your social network with actionable visuals, and share your reports to engage your followers with niche specific tweets.

Pricing: Starting at $99/month (included in Moz Pro Subscription – includes other tools as well).

58. Peek Analytics*: Peek Analytics is the ultimate Twitter audience measurement tool, the company claims, offering unmatched demographics and psychographic insights to consumer data. Gather data from more than 60 social networking sites and every major blog platform to understand your social customers. The in-depth social audience reports offer aggregate level insights, including demographics, career, education, interests, and more.

*Note: This site is now StatSocial.”

Pricing: Available upon request.

59. Simply Measured: Simply Measured says it provides social media analytics that are specifically designed with serious marketers in mind, featuring visuals of your efforts and those of your competitors. The company claims that, with its tools, you’ll get the most complete view of your social activities from top social networks to analyze owned, earned, and paid social media, as well as audience insights with cross-channel analysis.

Pricing: Social $500, Professional $800 (per month). For Enterprise package contact Simply Measured.

60. Social Mention: Social Mention is a real time social media search engine that looks for mentions of whatever keyword you put in. One of the best parts is, you can do a search for just about anything in real time and get results. Social Mention gives insight into the sentiment of the term, based on keywords used in social media posts.

Pricing: Available upon request.

61. ViralTag: Publish your visual content to multiple platforms at once with ViralTag. The company says its platform already has over 40,000 users, both individuals and business, and is geared largely towards Pinterest.

Pricing: You can sign up for free. There is a pricing page, but it was not working at the moment.

62. Piquora: Geared towards Pinterest and Instagram marketing, Piquora is currently used by over 400 brands to get more out of the visual web, according to the company. They have both a Pinterest and Instagram marketing tool and analytics set. On the Pinterest side, you can see things like most pinned, repinned, etc. On the Instagram side, see most liked, most commented, etc.

Pricing: Get a demo is your only option.

63. Tailwind: Trusted by over 25,000 brands and agencies, the company says, Tailwind is a Pinterest management and analytics tool that lets you schedule pins and repins, track comments, likes and traffic on pins over time and helps you determine influencers in each niche.

Pricing: Free trial option, $9.99 option, $149 option, $399 option and enterprise option.

64. Pin Alerts: This simple tracking tool tells you when someone pins a URL from your website. According to PinAlerts, “Setup free PinAlerts in seconds, and receive email notifications whenever someone pins something from your website.”

Pricing: Free.

65. ViralWoot: Over 39,000 individuals and businesses use ViralWoot for their Pinterest management and analytics, according to the company. The platform allows you to gain followers by being displayed in the ViralWoot database, promote pins, create pin alerts, manage multiple accounts and get analytics on each of these items.

Pricing: Sign up for free, no pricing listed.

Honorable Mentions

These analytics programs are not necessarily social media or SEO focused. Some are big data, others are mobile- or marketing-focused.

66. KeenIO: According to the company, Keen IO takes the pain out of custom analytics with powerful APIs to gather the data you want to find the answers you need, which is stored in the Cloud. Transform your data into answers to strengthen your network with scalable information in minutes. Build and collect huge amounts of event data whenever you’d like.

Pricing: Packages range from Free to $2,000/month.

67. MixPanel: MixPanel says it has created the most advanced platform for mobile and web to measure engagement metrics, not just page views. The segmentation tool simplifies queries by allowing marketers to visualize data in less than 10 minutes. With in-depth data, MixPanel claims, you’re able to customize your social approach to reach more relevant social engagement.

Pricing: Packages range from Free to $2,000/month.

68. SimilarWeb: Receive insights from any website or app with SimilarWeb — the secret weapon of marketing teams around the world, the company claims. Integrate tools you’re already using to sort data from your databases using traffic and engagement factors. Use your insights to boost your intelligence capabilities directly from your browser with instant traffic stats.

Pricing: Basic $199, Advanced $499, Ultimate $799 (per month).

69. Voodoo Alerts: Voodoo Alerts offers 24/7 automated conversion and funnel monitoring to identify conversion problems with alerts, according to the company. Voodoo Alerts claims it makes it simple to pinpoint website problems and broken segments to visualize online conversions.

Pricing: From $25 – $500 per month. Discounted if you sign up for a year.

70. Lucky Orange: See how your visitors actually use your website with specific heat maps and polls using Lucky Orange. The company claims you can learn directly from your customers with interactive user chat and instant customizable polls to form comprehensive analytics to understand your audience. Use the heat maps and visitor recordings to strengthen weak areas for increased engagement.

Pricing: From $10 – $100 per month. 10% off if sign up for one year, 30% off if sign up for two years

71. Optimizely: Optimizely for websites and mobile apps offers testing tools that allow marketers to experiment with different versions of pages and choose the one that’s best at reaching their business goals. The company says it has a code-free visual editor that provides a powerful experience that’s fast, scalable, secure and integrates with best-in-class solutions.

Pricing: Starter Package is Free, Enterprise package available with pricing upon request.

72. Crazy Egg: See where visitors click to improve conversions and understand user behavior with Crazy Egg’s visual website analytics and heat maps. Over 200,000 businesses are producing better conversions with heat mapping technology to target and engage website visitors, the company claims. Receive immediate insights to understand your visitors’ behavior.

Pricing: Packages range from $9 -$99/month (paid annually).

73. Megalytic: The company claims its tools simplify analytic reports to enable marketers to gain faster insights and deliver the data you need to the right people exactly when you want it. Streamline the monthly client reporting process to produce better reports faster with insightful digital analytics, Megalytic says.

Pricing: Packages range from $4.99 – $179.99 per month.

74. Cyfe All-In-One Dashboard: With Cyfe all-in-one dashboard, you’re able to monitor all of your business’s date from one location. View social media, analytics, marketing, sales, and even your infrastructure with pre-built widgets for custom data sources. Find worldwide information about your business or manage projects from one location. The company urges you to join more than 70,000 satisfied users by trying the dashboard app.

Pricing: $19 per month ($14 per month if paid annually).

75. Tableau Software: Tableau Software provides one of the simplest methods to use and access your data by providing real answers to your data needs, the company claims. The simple interface allows you to analyze your data without the need for canned reports, dashboard widgets, or templates. With the interactive data features and the creation of custom charts, you’re able to easily share analytics in the Cloud.

Pricing: Ranges from $500 – $1,999.

76. IBM Watson Analytics: Watson Analytics by IBM gives you the ability to improve, manage and sort data in advanced ways in order to make better business decisions. With Watson Analytics, you can create clear infographics (not the marketing kind, the big data display kind). According to the company, 22,000 people have signed up for this platform since it launched on December 14th. The three main areas offered are explore, predict and assemble.

Pricing: Free Trial, No Pricing Information.

The Good Old Boys

Don’t forget about the core programs out there, of course. I think of these as some of the most important and haven’t mentioned them above because they’re practically a given. We love those too!

  1. Kiss Metrics
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Webmaster Tools
  4. Omniture
  5. Etc.

Summing It Up

I hope you enjoyed my list and hopefully found a new analytics program that got you excited. There are so many programs out there, it can be hard to keep up. If I missed one of your favorites let me know. Please keep in mind, I tried to stay away from programs that only have a tool component like Tweet Adder,  Screaming Frog and Xenu Link Sleuth. This was more of an analytics list.

Creating this list fascinated me. I really feel we are in the infant stages of Internet marketing analytics. Watching these programs and tools evolve is going to be very exciting. Special thanks to @DannyAtIgnite and @alyssa_ast for your help on some of the pricing research and write ups.

Did we miss something? Comment below.

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