The 3 Best Email Marketing Platforms to Engage Your Audience

— March 24, 2017

In today’s ever-evolving market of content and user engagement, there are always new tricks and tools emerging to equip your business with interactive ways to reach your audience and convert them to customers. However, finding a strategy that works for your company can be a challenge, and many are finding that despite their efforts, their campaigns are falling flat.

Why Email Marketing Works?

For over a decade now, email marketing has ruled the roost with a whopping 3800% return on investment. The reason email marketing campaigns are so lucrative is the capability to collect data on how users interact with the messages being delivered to their inbox.

Having a subscriber list that numbers in the tens of thousands is great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean each recipient will find the exact same content valuable. It is in the differentiation and personalization where campaigns find their mark.

Corporations and small businesses alike utilize marketing software programs to determine ways to increase viewer engagement and subscriber retention through the building and optimization of campaigns to garner more attention. The lasting power of email marketing can be attributed to a few key factors:

  • Email marketing platforms are cost effective for businesses
  • The templates and systems are user friendly and offer sleek designs and dynamic content
  • The results are easily measurable

How Can You Truly Capture Your Audience’s Attention?

As marketers and business owners know, there is a narrow window to catch customer attention. Subscriber retention and loyalty can be fleeting in the sea of information that your viewers experience on a daily basis. Luckily, email marketing platforms have perfected methods of creating dynamic content that resonates with the recipients, and can be proven to deliver results.

Three of the most efficient email marketing platforms on the market today can be found below, along with how each specifically helps marketing managers achieve growth in the field of subscriber engagement.

Campaign Monitor

With high customer satisfaction ratings and global customer support, Campaign Monitor offers complete and total control over content-driven email marketing campaigns. By offering easy-to-use drag and drop tools, marketers are able to build on-brand emails that truly speak to target audiences. With multi-device functionality, no matter where your subscribers view content, from their device or from home, they will see stunning templates that truly personalize a brand and make its message pop.

Campaign Monitor also puts list segmentation and personalization tools at your disposal, reaching specific groups within your email lists with the right message at the right time in the buying cycle. By integrating with other business solutions such as Salesforce and Shopify subscriber data like demographics, location or transaction history can be used to more effectively generate responses based on personalized content. Marketers can create customer journeys that are unique to the interests of each individual subscriber based on data that’s gathered and behaviors within emails. For example, suppose you’re an online clothing retailer and a subscriber opens an email and clicks on an offer for 20% off sweaters but doesn’t purchase. You can dynamically have the campaign set up to send them other sweaters they may also be interested in to increase conversion rates.

Highlights: Automation, List Management Tools, Customizable Templates, Personalization, Real-Time Reports


The MyEmma platform allows users to create targeted campaigns that are truly based on customer behaviors. When customers make purchases, automated follow-up/thank you messages are sent out to build client relationships. Whether or not a customer opens an email also determines how the automated email generator will proceed next. If a customer doesn’t open a thread, for example, he or she may be sent an offer for a coupon that might pique interest and acquire revenue for the client. MyEmma delivers options to offer loyal customers exclusive VIP content to ensure repeat business development as well.

MyEmma integrates with other business tools like Microsoft Dynamics and Magento so marketers can use customer data to send more targeted emails. Another integration that MyEmma is touting is with MINDBODY for gym owners who want to sync customer data with their email marketing campaigns.

Highlights: Automation, Data Conversion, Code Your Own Template Builder


MailChimp boasts a simple strategy: send better email, sell more stuff. With over 15 million users worldwide, the platform makes transitioning to an online market easy. By offering a large variety of eye-catching templates, businesses are able to showcase products with flare, suggest items, and recapture lost sales from abandoned carts. MailChimp produces reports that show how well your audience is connecting to the content you send and how much revenue is being brought in on an easy-to-use mobile dashboard. Automated tools also offer helpful suggestions on how to better reach the target audience and ensure more prominent customer retention.

MailChimp’s list segmentation, automation and personalization capabilities are much more rudimentary than the other email platforms on this list making it a good option for freelancers and small businesses looking for the bare essentials.

Highlights: E-commerce Integration, Marketing Automation, Analytic Features

While email marketing campaigns are not a new phenomenon, easy to use software has perfected the technique of increasing lucrative customer engagement. Using real data based on customer behaviors to create an experience that resonates with your subscribers with tools such as list segmentation and automation, platforms like Campaign Monitor, EmmaPlus, and MailChimp, are fostering relationships between consumer and producer with high levels of success.

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