Tech Company Brings AI Into The CMS Platform

Tech Company Brings AI Into The CMS Platform

by  @lauriesullivan, March 29, 2019

Contentstack recently announced new artificial intelligence capabilities developed to impact how marketers gain insights, make decisions and improve outcomes by bringing AI directly into the content management system platform.

The new feature embeds AI into the Contentstack platform rather than requiring marketers to add another tool to their technology stack, explains Matthew Baier, Contentstack CMO.

“The architecture makes us different than an Adobe where you get everything from one box,” he said, adding that the vendors offered will change as their products change and the requirements of the brand change.

“The company that offers the best A/B testing tools this year might not be the same as last year,” he said.

The idea, which brings intelligence into the content management system, enables the AI technology to do the work and use many types of platforms from a range of vendors. In the case of search engine optimization (SEO), it makes a variety of recommendations for the marketer to follow.  

For example, marketers can improve SEO for web pages and reduce time spent managing the strategy. AI can predict this step in the process and make recommendations such as the best blog title or metadata to use.

In fact the insights provided by the artificial intelligence are embedded directly into the Contentstack Editor Experience to make better decisions. Developers build the integrations to provide marketers with insights that help them make faster decisions driven by data.

“Personalization is turning some demographic and segmentation into one-on-one individualization,” Baier said. “Some can be done with better tools, but some of that needs AI, because it gives much better insights into making predictions.”

Contentstack created pre-built widgets to connect to leading AI solutions including IBM Watson, Google AI, Salesforce Einstein, Amazon Lex and Rekognition, and MonkeyLearn’s text analysis. The tools support customers such as Amway, Best Buy, Cisco, Dell, Ellie Mae, and Express among others, according to the company’s website. Search Marketing Daily


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