Strategies for Creating the Ultimate Management Consulting Business Plan

by Stephanie Frasco December 23, 2015
December 23, 2015

There are many talented individuals with lots of knowledge and experience that work as management consultants. While most of them are great at what they do, there are many who have never created a business plan because it is not something that is absolutely necessary for an individual providing a service. However, there are lots of great benefits that can be obtained if you take the time to create a really good plan that clearly defines who you are and what you do.

So let’s take a look at some great strategies for creating a spectacular management consulting business plan:

Explain the value that you bring to the table

Clearly define what it is that you will provide for those who hire you. Present the exact methodology you will use as you work with them and assist them with their various issues. Providing this kind of data will let them have a glimpse inside your thought process, so they will have a better idea about how you will proceed with handling their problems and finding solutions.

Identify your target market

This can be something that really sets you apart from your competition, because if your client list is filled with businesses that are similar in nature, you will gradually establish yourself as an expert in your field. Therefore, not only do you need to identify your niche, but you also need to stick to it, so your expertise in this field of specialty will continue to grow. By doing this, you will be able to charge more as your knowledge base expands over time.

Define your marketing goals

By figuring out and writing down your approaches to promoting your service, you are better able to find solutions that are going to work. If you don’t have a written plan, then you will not be as likely to advertise yourself as effectively. That’s why you should take the time to think about these issues, so you can concentrate your marketing efforts in a more logical fashion that will increase your chances of getting hired.

Plan your process for expansion

Once you reach a certain stage with your management consulting firm, you will want to figure out exactly how you will add employees to your expanding business. You cannot be in two locations at one time, and you will need to establish the proper criteria that allows you identify and train the best candidates at your disposal. You also need to find out how well your employees will perform in various management consulting case interviews, and also determine the method of payment that you will use to compensate them.


Although many of the issues that you will contemplate while creating your ultimate business plan may not be things that you will deal with right away, they will be things you will probably encounter in the future. That’s why it’s good to have a written plan that allows you to have contingency plans in place so that you will be better prepared for what tomorrow may bring.

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