4 Reasons Why #1 Is the Most Important Number in Email Marketing

August 31, 2015

oneNumbers are a big thing in email marketing. We’re constantly using them in relation to list size, click-through rate, conversions, etc., and in most cases, the bigger the number, the better (unless, of course, we are talking about bounces or spam complaints).

But email marketing isn’t all about big numbers.

In fact, I would suggest the most important number in email marketing is a solitary one.

Why #1 Rocks in Email Marketing

  1. Your First Email Will Often Be Your Most Successful: Your subscribers will be at their most engaged when they first join your list. Therefore, it is vitally important to ensure they receive useful and actionable content as soon as possible after their initial engagement. Simple autoresponders or more advanced marketing automation tools can help you build your relationships in a more timely and (we like to think) smarter fashion.
  2. A One-to-One Relationship: While your email marketing messages will likely be hitting many subscribers’ inboxes, you should always remember that email is a very personal environment (unlike social media). Essentially, you are communicating with individuals. The more you segment your lists and the more you personalize your campaigns, the more successful they will be in building real relationships. The moment you start delivering irrelevant, boring or untimely content is the moment your relationships with your subscribers start to break down, and you’ll find it difficult to win any future engagement. Remember, it only takes one click for a subscriber to remove him- or herself from your list. Look after them.
  3. One Subject, One Call to Action: Your subscribers should be in no doubt of what they should do following the receipt of one of your campaigns. Keep things simple by focusing on one topic or offer per email, and make sure your single call to action is clear, concise and easy to follow.
  4. Email Is Still #1 in Terms of ROI: It’s always worth remembering that email marketing still delivers the best return on investment when compared to any other marketing technique. Keep your campaigns relevant, timely and engaging, and you’ll reap rewards without the risk associated with more expensive acquisition marketing techniques (such as paid search or traditional print/broadcast advertising).

Is email marketing still #1 in your world? Share your experiences below:

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