5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

November 19, 2015

LinkedIn is a platform that you can utilize to succeed with your business. With 400 million users, you have ample room to hit your target audience and pick up a few new regular customers along the way. Marketing on LinkedIn is something people sadly skip over.

Now you can get an edge on your competitors with these five tips for using LinkedIn to drive traffic and boost sales.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

We always talk about completing your profile because that’s how you’re going to show people you’re serious. Right, we have that established, but we are going to go further than simply filling out your profile. You have to optimize your profile.

Successful businesses don’t view social media marketing as a chore. They can see the potential selling on this platform brings. Therefore, when you fill out your profile you need to think about how you’re going to ‘sell’. Your profile shouldn’t be geared towards job recruitment it should be geared towards selling.

  1. Interact in LinkedIn Groups in the Right Way

LinkedIn groups are always a popular point to add to guides like this. Yes, you have to join groups relevant to your industry or niche. Nevertheless, what you do with them will determine whether you make a sale or not.

When you join a group, you shouldn’t try to sell. It can seem counterproductive, but your true goal is to develop that deeper relationship. Your primary objective is to help others. Only after enough time has passed will people trust you enough to look into what you’re selling.
This is part of your long-term strategy.

  1. Keep Your Followers Updated

So many businesses optimize their profile and then never come back to it. This is the wrong way to go about it. Users want to see an updated profile. Share company news and items of interest via your LinkedIn profile, or simply reflect them in your company page.

The reality is four times more people will view your homepage from LinkedIn than they will through Facebook or Twitter. Studies show the only way to do that is to inform people that you’re alive and well. In other words, you need to show that you’re attentive.

  1. Post Content on Pulse

Pulse is likely a platform you haven’t considered before. It’s connected to LinkedIn because many people use both. Let’s go into some of the reasons why your fresh, unique content should reach this platform:

  • You’ll attract more people on LinkedIn who have never heard of you before.
  • Each time they interact with your post or follow you, this is reported on their feed, so their connections will find out about you, with no effort required on your part.
  • Link to your website from your post to drive traffic from Pulse, as well as LinkedIn.
  • Your followers, which are separate from your connections, will receive an update each time you post to Pulse. This helps to keep you at the forefront of their thoughts and enhances the relationship between you and them.

Posting on Pulse is a matter of clicking a button, so it won’t take time away from other important matters.

  1. Build Your Network

If you want to boost traffic and increase the number of sales you make, you need to look further out than just the people you’ve met in person. Now you need to build your online network, which is often more difficult than simply meeting someone in the real world and doing the hard sell on them.

Here are some of the ways you can build your online network, and then hopefully start making some additional sales.

  • Add connections you know only through email. You can upload your entire CSV email list directly to LinkedIn to help with this.
  • Take LinkedIn’s suggestions for people you might know and add them. Even if you don’t know them, there’s never a better time to start.
  • As you meet prospective new clients, invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn. This is best done early when your business is still on their minds.

These five tips are all about building for the long-term. Steadily build up your network and you’ll soon have a gradual stream of sales direct from LinkedIn!

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