Sprinklr vs. Adobe vs. Oracle vs. Salesforce vs. The Others: Which Social Management Is Really Best?

September 2, 2016

Social Media Management

You need to manage your social presence if you’re going to make sure your business flourishes. Today, there are 70% of Americans with at least one social account. This makes it critical that every business is managing their brand reputation online. It’s a time-consuming venture, and one that a lot of companies find themselves struggling for time for.

There are a number of platforms that can help you with this, including Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, and Sprinklr. This guide is going to show you which one of these platforms is really the best one, or whether you should be looking elsewhere entirely for your social media management needs.

Should You Stick with a Big Name?

Any piece of social management software has to be able to fulfill your needs. Sticking with the big names will give you the peace of mind and the reliability, but you shouldn’t settle on one purely because you’ve heard of them.

Staying social is about being able to choose the platforms that fulfil your needs. Not everyone is going to need the same features. For this reason, you should look further afield during your research.

The Scheduling Options

Advanced social scheduling is the main feature of any of these platforms. The idea is that you can line up all your posts at the start of the week and not have to worry about them again until the end of the week. Planning your social media posts in this way will allow you to take a measured approach to your campaign.

All the big names offer advanced scheduling options with no hassle. Combine your social media scheduling with some blog scheduling to take full advantage.

What about the Analytics Options on Available?

To build your brand on social media you must make sure that you have a way of measuring your results. These results will tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

The Sprout Social platform makes it easy to find out how people have reacted to your posts with a single click of a button. It’s one of the best social management platforms for people who want to split test. Many have found this to be the best platform for helping them generate more leads.

Salesforce also offers some great analytics features, but many of them are complex. Only more advanced social management users should consider using a platform like this.

Can You Outsource the Work?

So many companies will use a social media management platform that only they know how to use. They run into problems when they want to outsource some of the work. Most companies will do this because it’s so time-consuming to handle it in-house.

Use a platform like Salesforce or Adobe for social management. You need to be able to easily hand over your account without a learning curve, otherwise it could cost you a lot of money.

What Do Customers Think of the Big Problems?

The easiest way to find out which social management platform people prefer is to look at customer satisfaction ratings. One look at Sprinklr and Sprout will reveal that they have low customer satisfaction ratings. Glance over at Salesforce and you’ll see a different story.

So should you ignore a platform like Sprinklr?

Not at all. Some high-performers aren’t suitable for your company. It’s not uncommon to see an organization investing in a niche social media management option because it fits their needs. There are a significant number of firms with specific needs the more general companies aren’t able to fill.

Do You Really Need a Market Leader?

This is an important question to answer. It’s easy to be drawn towards a big name like Sprout Social because you happen to recognize them. That doesn’t make them the best at what they do, though. You need to look beyond the market leaders and you might just find a solution that better suits your needs.

For example, most people have no idea that Adobe provides these services. And yet Adobe comes with the same features you’ll find from many of the so-called market leaders.

Last Word – Take it for a Test Drive

The majority of these platforms will come with a ‘try before you buy’ option. It’s important to take this offer so you can see how well one of these management options fits into your company. You never truly know how it’s going to fare until you try it yourself.

Try out a few products before settling on one. Which one of these management options would you recommend for your social needs?

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Author: Brannon Brooks