Spice Up Your Content Marketing: 5 Affordable Video and Animation Software

  • December 13, 2014


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    With the growing ubiquity of social media and content marketing is the rise of video as a marketing tool. These three statistics tell us why:

    • An infographic by the Marketing Tech Blog shows that the average Internet user watches 206 videos a month.
    • According to James McQuivey of the Forrester Research, a one-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.
    • Over the past six years, there had been an 800% increase in online video consumption, says an iStockphoto infographic aptly entitled “Video Takes Over the World.”

    If you’re not into video marketing yet, it’s high time to think about it.

    If you’ve already decided to give it a try, below are five of the best video and animation software for your various video needs:


    GoAnimate is a cloud-based service that allows users to create simple, do-it-yourself animated videos without breaking the bank. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy even for non-artists to craft professionally looking videos. To get started, GoAnimate lets you choose between creating a video from scratch, if you want absolute creative control, or selecting a video template from its built-in library.

    The software also allows users to import sound files, images, videos, and animation from third-party tools like Adobe Flash.

    GoAnimate can be used for the following purposes:

    • Videos for training and e-learning
    • Content and inbound marketing
    • Video presentations
    • Dynamic charts and infographics
    • Demo or explainer videos
    • Video resume
    • Corporate videos for clients

    Video subscription plans are GoPublish at $ 39 per month or $ 299 per year, GoPremium at $ 79 per month or $ 599 per year, and GoTeam for three or more users at $ 250 per month or $ 2,000 per year for three users. Selling a video to an individual is okay as long as it’s for their personal use. To sell to companies or organizations, you will have to purchase a “rights transfer” per video worth $ 79. Plans for personal use are GoPlus at $ 18 per quarter or $ 58 per year, and GoPublish at $ 99 per quarter or $ 299 per year.


    Created for simple Flash-style presentations and movies that educators, small business owners, marketers, and presenters will appreciate, PowToon is a cloud-based animation software that provides various tools and objects to create engaging videos. Powered by drag-and-drop technology and the ability to create voiceovers and import images, it comes packed with customizable templates for beginners and a blank canvas for the more experienced users.

    PowToon offers three subscription plans: Free, Pro, and Business. Pro is at $ 19 a month, if billed annually, which is a 67% discount from the regular $ 59 monthly price. Business runs at a monthly $ 57, if billed annually, 55% off the monthly $ 127 plan. Among the three plans, only the Business plan comes with monetization rights. If you’re on the Free account and want the PowToon logo off your videos, export credits can be bought at $ 8 per export for 25 exports, $ 12 each for 10 exports, and $ 18 apiece for five exports. Export credits are all valid for six months.


    AVS4YOU is a versatile all-in-one solution that allows users to create home videos, edit their audio and video collections, convert audio and images to various file formats, remove unwanted scenes from videos without reconversion, create backup copies of their audio and video files, convert documents from one format to another, and even repair their Windows registry.

    The full AVS4YOU kit contains the following tools:

    • AVS video converter
    • AVS video editor
    • AVS video remaker
    • AVS media player
    • AVS audio converter
    • AVS audio editor
    • AVS disc creator
    • AVS image converter
    • AVS photo editor
    • AVS registry cleaner
    • AVS document converter

    AVS4YOU offers two subscription plans: Unlimited and 1-Year. Unlimited is regularly priced at $ 199, and 1-Year is at $ 69. For the period ending December 31, 2014, a 70% discount is offered for both pricing plans – Unlimited at $ 59 and 1-Year at $ 39. Both come with free upgrades and unlimited support.

    VideoStudio Pro X7

    From the same company that produced CorelDRAW, Paint Shop Pro, and WordPerfect, Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 is a standalone, do-it-yourself video-editing software that allows users to create great-looking slideshows, video blogs, stop motion animation, personal and action-cam videos, screen recordings, and more.

    VideoStudio Pro X7 features include:

    • FastFlick, a three-step way to create movies and slideshows
    • Faster multi-track rendering with raw 64-bit power
    • Ultra HD quality and 4K performance
    • Cleaner, streamlined workspaces
    • Media Library content
    • Updated frames, objects, and templates
    • Workspace sharing
    • Learning resources
    • Multi-track video editing
    • Timeline/storyboard editing
    • Audio for video productions
    • Fades and transitions
    • Screen capture
    • Multi-monitor support
    • DSLR enlarged mode
    • Subtitle editor
    • QuickTime alpha channels
    • Videos for mobile devices

    Each VideoStudio Pro X7 license is regularly priced at $ 79.99. For the whole month of December 2014, a 50% discount is up for grabs. That’s $ 38.99 off your purchase, plus you get four bonus items: ProDAD video effects, WinZip 18.5, AfterShot 2.0, and a $ 30 e-coupon.

    Anime Studio Debut

    Anime Studio Debut is an animation program that allows users to create cartoons, anime, 2D movies, and cut-out animations, either from scratch or using premade characters and other assets from the content library. It’s simple and easy to use, even kids can get started with it, but powerful enough for more experienced animators. It works with vector-based art and contains all the necessary tools, like freehand drawing tools and brushes, to craft your own illustrations. You can also record, edit or import audio, and add dialogue using the built-in lip-synching feature.

    Anime Studio Debut is powered by the intuitive bone-rigging system Smart Bones that affords you complete control over your characters’ movements. The Anime Studio Debut 10 package is priced at $ 49.99.

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