5 Most-effective Social Media Practices for a Satisfying Customer Service

— March 29, 2017

Social Media Channels for Business

Social media today has gained an extremely powerful and wide reach, worldwide. This fact is well-recognized. It has gone way beyond just connecting long-lost friends, sharing pictures/videos and knowing new people. Today, this incredibly useful means is also being utilized for its immense customer care potential. It’s time to make the best use of this promising platform to reach out to existing and potential customers, to attract them, satisfy their queries and address their complaints, among a lot more.

Let’s take you through 5 supremely-helpful Techniques for encashing the benefits of Social Media in Customer Service:

  1. Train your Social Media Managers well: Almost all businesses hire a professional for handling and managing their social media operations. Before selecting a professional or a team, ensure that they are well-trained for the job, as social media is a double-edged sword. One has to be extremely prudent in its use to avoid unwanted trouble. It’s a path you should tread very carefully. If your managers are tech-savvy and are well-versed with all the pros-and-cons of this powerful tool, you’ll be better off.

  1. Establish a personal connect: No customer is ever interested in being greeted by an IVR or an automated response by a bot. Hence, it would pay you well to go that extra mile in order to establish that distinct human connect with your customers. If you give them personal care online through your retail call center, they would feel truly cared for and this will lend your business a good repute.

  1. Be prompt in responding: Internet works at a supersonic speed, and everyone knows this well. Delayed responses or ignored complaints can harm your goodwill greatly. So if your business has a social media presence, then your managers or executives better be prompt in responding to your customers’ queries, complaints and feedback. The quicker the response, the better will be your PR.

  1. Know the dangers out in the open: Since everything that’s there on social media is out there in the public spectacle, having your business presence there means tackling a constant risk of possible mud-slinging or mean allegations. Your social media managers must be smart and deft at handling irate customers through a private chat/message, or a pacifying phone call, so that the issue is resolved privately and no bad impression of your company goes out in the public eye. The Call Center Outsourcing Vendors must take care of this fact.

  1. Employ a smart and reliable software: Although it is highly recommended that you get professionals for this job, it is also equally important that you provide them with an intelligent and dependable software for handling all your social media operations efficiently. Since it’s all technology-based, your managers will be rendered handicapped without the aid of a good system.
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