Social Media – Be Real and See Real Results

— January 20, 2018

Social Media – Be Real and See Real Results

In 2018, I really believe we will see a backlash on news feeds, senseless discussions and more people leaving sites like Facebook and Twitter.

My response – “It’s about time.”

I feel like people are finally speaking up or saying no to senseless newsfeeds and misinformation.

Frankly the last few years have really been a struggle for me with social media sites. I believe Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin encouraged fake news and wanted more and more noise and content. In 2017, I had finally had enough, and I cut back, (in a big way). I could not compete with all the noise, and frankly, I was working way too hard to come up with new content on a daily basis.

Today, I post on a regular basis, but it is much more thought out, and I actually find myself connecting with great people again.

My future plan – Rengage with better content and with the right people

I could care less about the number of followers. It’s all about connecting with quality people. It starts with me. If I want to connect and engage, I must start the process first by providing people a reason to connect. If I want to learn more from others, I need to seek out great people to be connected to. I believe in being selective when it comes to accepting followers or engaging with others.

I don’t connect with everyone at a live networking event. Why would I do that online on platforms?

Also, here are some other things I have done.

I have two Facebook Pages – One that is for family and one for networking with others. Why would I share all my personal, family information with strangers? It’s plain dangerous these days.

On Twitter, I post information about myself and my values. I follow far fewer people than follow me. I want to only follow those people who offer value. I am not into following back to follow back. I follow back, if the person, in my opinion, is real.

On Linkedin, I want to connect with people in my industry, other industries, future leaders, very smart people. I stay away from groups. I have not seen the value, and I like to follow people who post great articles.

Be Real and Stay Real in 2018

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