Social Media – Actions Speak Louder than Words

— April 5, 2017

Actions on Social MediaSocial Media is turning into an Editorial Experience

Is social media dead? I often wonder if posting on social is worth the effort. The truth is that most of the information on social is not worth the effort to read or comment on. It is mostly a bunch of text about someone’s position on a particular topic.

Becoming more intentional

This week, I have read some pretty tough issues that have affected some people from health problems to job layoffs. What I appreciated most about these articles is the way the authors focused on the actions they took on these severe issues.

One area I am really concentrating on is becoming more intentional about developing my strategic view of where our company is headed in the future. In the past, I may have asked for input from others, and I gathered information and tried to formulate a conclusion based on the information I gathered.

midwest labs fee scheduleToday, I look at this process much differently. The goal for me is to continue to look at topics differently. I think it is critical to develop new ideas and market those ideas to others. One example of this is our new (2017 Fee Schedule). In the past, we may have changed the color of the cover or rearranged some of the information in the booklet. This year I suggested a whole new format, much smaller and compact. At first, people were not too keen on making such a radical change. In past years, I probably would have listened to the consensus and not made such a radical change. This time around, I decided to pursue it and promote it. I also went to our current print vendors and other suppliers and explained my idea. Our current vendor thought the idea was a bit extreme and really pushed me to keep our same layout. Finally, I found a different company that embraced my idea and provided me with various bindings to see what the best look would be. In the end, the final price was less than what we were currently paying, and the final product was awesome.

Social Media is more than just telling stories

My point here is social media is not about stories, but more about “taking action.” I think I owe it to my readers to write more action articles. People are more engaged when they can actually follow the way I take action on a particular topic or issue. It really makes the article more compelling.

Taking action can also help me become a better leader.

Also, I am trying to be more intentional with my actions. Actions speak louder than words. It is important for my kids to see me in action. I need to think and act appropriately at all times. I am also finding that many people are very content to fade into the background. This area of action is hard work, and it is not for everyone. That being said, being a person of action can make all the difference in growing professionally or dying on the vine. The good news is that taking action is open to everyone regardless of your job title or job requirements. Go out and start taking action, today.

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