Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

— April 5, 2017

Landing pages are designed to be converted into leads, that’s the whole point of them, right? Yes, that is the whole idea but unfortunately creating landing pages alone isn’t enough to effectively convert. On a brighter note, you’re in the right place, as we explore methods you can take to improve landing page conversions.

Think about headlines

In the fickle world of the internet, where attention spans are typically short and easily distracted, a visitor’s attention needs to be grabbed in what really comes down to a few seconds!

With this in mind, the headline of a landing page is crucial to the overall conversion success of the page. In short, headlines should be bold, concise, and ideally state the benefit of visiting the page. For example, will landing on this page reward you with an ‘unmissable’ deal? Will it inform you of some ‘breaking’ news? Or will it provide you with advice you simply can’t miss out on?

Eye-catching design

You would be unlikely to look twice at a poster advertisement with a dull and uninspiring design, and the same can be said about a landing page. As well as compelling, exciting and digestible content, the look of a landing page needs to be eye-catching and stimulating. Pages which make good use of colour and contain striking images can help increase landing page conversions. As Word Stream advises, certain button colours can help landing pages become more effective, with green and red being two colours associated with generating higher levels of landing page conversions.

Make it credible

When we make a purchase from any brand or company, we want to have assurance that the source we are buying from is credible, honest and safe. An effective landing page should therefore contain as much information about a product or service as possible. Ideally, it should also include details about the brand or company selling the product or service to put the potential buyer’s mind at rest they are in safe and credible hands.

That said, the page visitor should not be bombarded with too much information. Keep the content concise, snappy, readable and informative – landing page traits that will all help turn visits into conversions.

Offer a money back guarantee

Buying online can be precarious, quite simply because we have not had physical contact with a product prior to committing to buy it. It is therefore extremely important that a money back guarantee is offered on a landing page. Placing a money back guarantee on the site will remove any doubts a buyer may have about being ripped off, or receiving a product that does not live up to their expectations.

As Darren Rose, author of ProBlogger, who has sold tens of thousands of ebooks, notes:

“I know for a fact that at least a proportion of my readers buy my ebooks because they know that if they don’t like them, they can get their money back.”

Remove main navigation from the landing page

Visits to landing pages are precious and once you’ve got someone there, you want to keep them! What Hubspot name as “lead generation friction” refers to a page that is brimming with links that increase the chance of a visitor abandoning the landing page, before they have even had chance to look around!

“One of the best ways to reduce this friction and increase your landing page conversion rates,” write Hubspot, “is to simply remove the main navigation from the page. Simple as that!”

So, what are you waiting for? Rework those headlines, craft a more striking design into the page, remove the main navigation, make the page credible and make sure you have a money back guarantee statement present – now sit back and watch those visits become lucrative conversions.

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Author: Adam Baetu

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