Sing a Song of Success: Turn Icy Leads into Loyal Customers

  • January 13, 2015

    Every interaction you have with a potential customer affects your business. As a result, your main priority should be to successfully build relationships with your customers that want to return and refer their friends. After all, a loyal customer is your ideal customer.

    While building business leads is important, it’s what you do with these leads that determines the success of your customer relations. More often than not, a business lead takes the format of a name, number and an email address. If you don’t contact business leads in the correct manner, they’ll never become a potential customer, never mind a pivot part of your companies growth.

    Learn how to work towards stronger, more profitable customer relationships by turning icy leads into loyal customers:

    The Customer ALWAYS Reigns King

    You should treat each customer lead like royalty because every lead that comes your way is a chance to make a good impression and create a loyal customer. Remember that every person is unique and needs to be approached differently. So make your customer service a personal and positive experience that will keep them returning.

    Your employees aim should be to provide a first-class service each and every time. When a customer needs assistance, workers should see an opportunity to shine and aim to exceed their customer needs. Employees should get to know customers and use their names (if appropriate) to build something more than just an employee/customer relationship.

    Criticism Allows for Business Growth

    Your business should vigorously looking for ways to exceed expectations. Your services may be similar to your competitors, therefore, aim to show customers why they should be shopping with you and not them. You can do this by differentiating your customer experience by offering free home delivery or gift wrapping.

    Your customers can be a vital resource worth tapping into, their input can provide the feedback needed to improve your business. Remember positive feedback is good but criticism is better. Criticism allows you to work on mending broken bridges with customers allowing for business to flourish. You may choose to ask for customer input in store or online, but if you’re looking for more detailed responses you should offer a voucher or discount code.

    Acclimate to Surpass Customer Needs

    When a customer has purchased into your brand, you should not stop with your marketing efforts. You must continue to pursue the customer relationship, aspiring to be on the top of your customers mind and at the tip of their tongue. However, there is a brisk line between persistence and pestering, and if you’re not attentive you can push customers away rather than draw them in.

    To market your brand effectively, you must actively search for new ways to grab your customers attention. Allow for your customers to know your level of expertise and personality by providing something of value across numerous platforms; whether that be offline, online or social media. It may take 10 email campaigns until your customer responds positively to your brand, so never give up your efforts and keep pursuing until they never forget you.

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