Simple Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

— December 26, 2016

Time, Genius

Determining the greatest value of your time requires a little taste of honesty. While you may enjoy many of the daily business operations and social media fun, they aren’t your ticket to paradise. They are required fillers to help fortify your business structure but hardly the top dollar shakers.

What is the best use of your time and expertise?

Your core genius: something you love to do, is effortless, creates a sense of joy and contentment, generates a fire within and time disappears. It could be coaching, writing, graphic design, speaking, leading, selling, training, motivating, marketing or whatever your passion is. When you are focused on your CG, you are alive, vibrant and producing outcomes.

As an entrepreneur, when you are able to maximize your potential by focusing on your core genius, you not only follow your passion, but are able to devote your time ON your business rather than IN it. You become more productive and efficient. While there are many daily business tasks that require attention, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on your time. Delegating the lower return projects and tasks gives you back your time to build your business, develop strategy, nurture relationships, foster loyalty, seek partnerships, and focus on your bottom line.

Compare the individuals, the business owners, who dedicate their time to every task, every project, even those that they don’t like, don’t truly have time to do or the ones that are more menial “time robbers.” These people are taken away from their core genius, focused on the back end, admin type projects instead of building their companies and concentrating on income generating projects.

“Most entrepreneurs spend less than 30% of their time focusing on their core genius and unique abilities. In fact, by the time they’ve launched a business, it often seems entrepreneurs are doing everything but the one thing they went into business for in the first place.” Jack Canfield

Everything we do is an investment of our time. When you choose to watch television or engage on Facebook that is an investment of your time. In many ways, time is more valuable than money, as you always have the opportunity to make more money, but you cannot recreate lost or wasted time. It is gone forever. If you think of time as a commodity and all of your actions/choices as an investment, it may change the manner in which you approach your daily activities.

Think about the return on your time invested. In a recent article by Anthony Iannarino, “Return On Time Invested,” he suggests measuring each activity, the time you spent and the return. If there was no return on your time, then you must realize that that task or activity is not worth doing. A better use of your valuable time is to focus on those activities that produce a desired, profitable and rewarding outcome.

Leveraging your time and effort is a fundamental strategy for success. There are only so many hours in the day that you can work and by only using your time, you can only accomplish so much. When you choose to utilize other people’s time via delegation, you intensify your productivity and efficiency to an extraordinary magnitude. It feels great to do more in less time.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary activities
  2. Prioritize so you focus your energy on those tasks that provide the highest rate of return
  3. Set long and short term goals with action steps, motivating you and keeping you on target
  4. Learn how to effectively delegate
  5. Outsource non-core tasks/projects

Action Step:

  • Identify the daily activities that are devouring your time by keeping a journal: logging activities, projects and time spent
  • Build a plan to delegate the time robbers that are taking you away from your CG
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