Should We Really Even Be Discussing Live Streaming Etiquette?

September 6, 2015
Live Streaming for Business

From HOAs to Blabs and from Periscope to Meerkat, even Facebook Live; how do you grow your audience and influence?

By looking your best, by giving your all, by being prepared, going with the flow, thinking on your feet and with kindness, loads of kindness and willingness to help!

It all boils down to proper etiquette!

Even though live streaming isn’t new, I’ve not been a huge user of HOAs (although I loved being a guest on several shows) and neither Periscope nor Meerkat stroke my fancy! Just. Didn’t. Get. It.

However, Blab came on the scene and I am hooked on the platform.

It’s Easy. Fun. Immediate. Educational. Visual. Visionary.

Join us every Tuesday at 11:30 AM on Blab for #SmallBizBlabz wiht your hosts Dorien Morin-van Dam and Deb Laflamme.


8 days on Blab and I am just shaking my head.

Shaking my head for the dumb things people are doing, saying and their behavior, too!

I am not holding everyone to my standard, really, I am not. But there are some basic business etiquette rules that doesn’t seem to transcend onto these live streaming apps or even make an appearance on Blab!

Have you seen it? Do you know what I am talking about?

Some of the people I’ve seen and listened too have been rude, arrogant, ill-mannered, domineering, boorish, intolerant, patronizing and pompous.

Say what?!

Interested in hosting a live show?

Do us all a favor and read the following etiquette suggestions.
Especially the suggestions about being prepared and being kind and offering value!

I’ve entered several Blabs to only jump off after 5-10 minutes because no one acknowledged me. The hosts were busy highfiving their buddies and influencer friends and the other participants would just groom and ooh and ah over the guests, too. I have asked questions that went unanswered, said hello with a mention that went unanswered, and added value by answering questions which also went unanswered.

Newsflash – If you are building an audience, you should want recurring visitors and subscribers! Your should aim for a growing audience who will advocate for your show. You should strive to grow your influence online by hosting! Am I right?

Y’all are putting me off!

Remember some of the rules you learned in Kindergarten?

Let me remind you…

listen when someone is speaking!

be kind! (treat others as you want to be treated)

always do your best!

share with friends!

help others!

clean up!

practice makes perfect!

learn from mistakes!

say sorry when you are wrong!

don’t take what’s not yours!

If you remember these when live streaming, you’re good to go in my book!
Just to make sure you get the picture, I’ve made a list with some additional suggestions.
Take them, or leave them.

Just know that if you are a guest on my show, you’ll be treated kindly, and if I am going to join you on to your Blab show, and stay and participate, I’d like some respect in return!

Here is how we do it!

Are you smarter than a Kindergartner?


  • pick an interesting topic
  • create an agenda
  • craft an enticing title
  • create an image that lists the time, location, topic and guests
  • prepare a list of questions
  • create a promotion plan
  • set expectations on length of show and what you want to discuss

Without proper preparations for your live streaming broadcast, you are wasting time (yours and that of your audience), breaking trust (you are an influencer and you’re dropping the ball!) and you might be perceived as unprofessional and sloppy.


  • test your WiFi
  • test your webcam (positioning and lighting)
  • decide whether you need headphones
  • test your sound
  • know your record options to add value afterwards
  • have a backup plan – expect the unexpected
  • download the iOS apps if you can (Blab, Hangout) as a back up system (those who were on my show this Tuesday, know I had to do just that!)

Without proper WiFi, a tested camera and sound system, you’ll look nothing but amateurish!


  • remove noisy kids, animals, spouses form the room
  • remove visible junk
  • reduce noise (close your office door)
  • remove or cover up potential offensive signs
  • appear groomed
  • be dressed

Without grooming (and with bed-head), you are conveying the message that your audience isn’t ‘good enough’ or ‘important enough’ to dress up for! I get it; I work from home as well. But… when I know I am going to be on camera, I clean up a bit and you should, too!

Behavior of hosts

  • introduce yourself and your guest
  • be welcoming, call on people by name
  • be responsive when questions gets asked or when answers are given in the comments
  • answer questions on air
  • don’t ignore visitors to your show (unless you have an audience of 200!)
  • listen to your guests when they speak
  • be interesting
  • smile – do this a lot
  • stick to an agenda
  • stay on topic
  • invite guests – you’re not as interesting as you think you are
  • connect with guests on social media afterwards
  • mention guests by name and show that you know a bit about them
  • make it all about your audience – be a giver

Without setting the right example, your guests might misbehave! When you make these shows all about you and less about your audience, you’ll quickly lose your audience, as they move on to learn something from someone else. You have to give them value beyond the brilliance of you.

Behavior of guests

  • if you are a guest, listen to the questions the host asks
  • don’t grab a seat if you don’t know anything about the topic
  • add value by offering tips and your experience
  • be on topic (oh la la – that’s a tough one it seems!)
  • don’t hijack the conversation
  • don’t outtalk the hosts
  • know when to vacate your spot
  • be social – share on social
  • give links to tools and tips and websites you mention
  • don’t sell or spam your own products or services unless you’re asked!
  • connect with your audience during the show, too

Behave as a guest! Appreciate your few seconds or minutes on someone’s show and be gracious and professional.

It’s a Wrap!

Those who know me and my writing know that I am not very cynical. I am just a tiny bit hesitant to hit ‘publish’ on this article, but I am going to go for it.

These words are my opinion; it’s my blog and these are my thoughts.

So let me have it!
Is this a Yay or Nay for you?

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