AI-powered martech releases and news: March 28

86% of startup founders say AI is helping their company’s GTM strategy, according to a new HubSpot report.

AI is turning out to be a huge help for startups, according to a new HubSpot report (registration required). Here are some top-line findings:

  • 86% of founders said the use of AI has helped their company’s GTM strategy.
  • 74% say that AI has positively impacted their ability to upsell or cross-sell.
  • 43% found AI tools to be most impactful in marketing, helping with creating content (48%), data analytics and reporting (45%) and learning how to do things (45%).
  • 42% of startups use AI to support personalized pricing strategies using customer behavior insights.
  • 38% use AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants to provide instant customer support.

And now, here’s this week’s roundup of AI-powered martech releases, upgrades and integrations.

  • Seedtag’s Contextual TV is an AI-driven advertising solution for connected TV (CTV) that aims to enhance ad strategies and campaigns with privacy compliance and effective targeting.
  • Measured has a new media measurement platform featuring AI and machine learning. It offers advanced geo-testing for accurate media effectiveness measurement and an integrated methodology for comprehensive media performance analysis.
  • Contentful’s Contentful Studio lets digital teams create and manage digital experiences with AI assistance, offering scalability, creative autonomy and automated content generation.
  • Zorang’s ContentHubGPT for Walmart Marketplace lets Walmart Marketplace sellers create  SEO-optimized, story-like descriptions for their product content. 
  • Conversica’s Conversational AI solution now integrates into platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot Marketing Hub and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.
  • Twilio’s Twilio Flex has two new programs: Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot. Unified Profiles provides access to a native data layer powered by Segment, enabling the collection and activation of real-time, consented data for personalized interactions. Agent Copilot leverages this data alongside AI to automate processes.
  • Media Shower is a platform offering an end-to-end solution for creating high-performing marketing materials. It contains several dozen AI assistants that help marketers draft a wide array of marketing materials, from blog posts to marketing plans and beyond. Then marketers can easily send these AI drafts to a creative team at Media Shower who turn them into polished, professional marketing materials. 
  • NICE’s Enlighten XM offers comprehensive customer experience management by integrating data and analytics for personalized interactions, creating individual memory graphs and ensuring seamless conversational continuity across devices.
  • Five9’s GenAI Studio provides a platform for customizing AI models for contact centers, offering personalization, control and responsible AI management for better customer and employee experiences.
  • Kognitiv’s Kognitiv Amplify is an AI-driven media optimization software that enhances targeted advertising, hyper-personalization and real-time optimization, utilizing data for customer acquisition and engagement.
  • Contentful’s Contentful Studio lets digital teams create and manage digital content with visual tools, offering scalability, autonomy and AI-powered automation for efficient content management.
  • Braze’s Sage AI by Braze enhances customer experiences with personalized recommendations, enables personalization through Braze Canvas and provides tone control for AI-generated content, along with a new metric for reliable email open rates.


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