Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Build Instant Trust for Your Digital Brand

February 26, 2015

Have you ever asked yourself why do prospect trust one digital brand and not the other? Have you ever wondered why folks seem to ‘feel’ your brand is trustworthy but couldn’t quite explain? Short answer? Well, it’s not that simple. In digital branding, we use combination of behavior and cognitive psychology, market research, creativity, User Experience, User Interface design and a few good strategies to help expedite the ‘trust building process’. Why should you care? Because by definition, the faster you can build digital trust, the faster your target prospect (whether recruit, prospect or partner) can truly evaluate what your substance!

Infographic: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Instant Trust for Your Digital Brand.

Infographic: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Instant Trust for Your Digital Brand.

1. Leverage Your Client’s Reputation

Post the logos or names of your top clients in a prominent portion of your web site or digital storefront. Buyers are more likely to accelerate their purchase decision if they see that larger companies than theirs, or of the same size, have purchased your products or services.

2. Use Recognizable Terminology

Don’t invent new lines of business or product categories that are not widely accepted or pre-tested for your target audience. Uncommon terminology could cause buyers to overlook services being offered and skip to the next available choice with recognizable terms.

3. Logic First, Display Second

Creating a strong resonance through prominent branding is critical, but B2B buyers use logic to filter out advertising noise. Maintain a 60/40 balance between making bold statements on your homepage and arresting design visuals (60%) to gain trust. Craft the navigation and user experience to be both intuitive and easy to follow with clear content that directs the user where they want to go.

4. Be Real. Avoid Skepticism

Place your corporate HQ address on the front of the site. Every so often, users seek to validate your legitimacy and when they only see an email form or an email and a telephone number, they may assume something is fishy.

5. Beef up industry expertise

Prominently display recognized industry association membership icons & logos to instantly convey your corporate citizenship in your community of expertise.

6. Leadership Profiles

The leadership page isn’t optional. It is one of the most frequently visited pages with B2B clients. Leadership profiles are a great opportunity to show off your managers, instantly relate credibility and build human trust. Profile shots should be consistent and professional to create a seamless, positive impression.

7. Good SEO Equals More Recognition

Create high-reputation backlinks to your web site. This SEO best practice will establish credibility within Google search algorithms so that your business is on the first search results page. Establishing backlinks to other credible sites such as large businesses, news sites, and trade publications vicariously lends credibility to your own site.

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