Same Day vs Next Day Delivery: What’s the Difference? [Infographic]

— September 19, 2018

Customers nowadays want instant gratification. They know that it’s possible for them to purchase items from the comfort of their own homes, and get the products without having to wait for days. It’s no surprise that they prefer businesses that offer not only a fast delivery service but also those that ensure the safety and protection of their orders.

Thanks to the advancement of today’s technology, there have been significant improvements in the logistics and supply chain industry that allow online retailers to offer quicker delivery options. Because of this development, customers have raised their standards when it comes to online shopping. This caused 15% of global retailers to upgrade their services and offer a same-day delivery service.

But, convenience does have its price. As customers receive their parcels earlier, there is a higher demand for finances, workforce, and resources from online businesses. That’s primarily the reason why delivery charges are commonly included in the final checkout page. Surprisingly, the cost of a faster delivery process is something most people are willing to pay for.

In fact, 60% of consumers in the United States say that they are willing to pay for additional charges if it means they’ll receive their orders at a much faster timeframe. To help businesses choose which type of delivery service suits their business better, it helps to analyse the difference between next-day and same-day delivery service.

Next-day delivery is the process where customers receive their package the day after the purchase was completed. On the other hand, same-day delivery service gets goods delivered to a home an hour or two after the order was made, which is vital for businesses that sell time-sensitive products or perishable goods.

Even though providing same-day delivery service has more significant risks than next-day delivery, numerous business still prefer it, especially since it gives them an 85% advantage over their competition.

For an in-depth explanation of the difference between next-day and a same-day delivery service, scroll down to check out the infographic by GoPeople.

Same Day vs Next Day Delivery Whatâ??s the Difference Infographic

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