Running a Successful Mobile Sales Enablement Pilot

  • By , Published October 6, 2014


    At Showpad, we work with companies of all sizes. But the one thing we always hear regardless of company size is, “I wish I started my mobile sales enablement pilot sooner.” So, maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to get going. You’ve done your due dilligence, crossed all of your t’s and dotted your i’s. You’ve even set up tablet devices throughout your sales organization. How do you know you are ready to launch your mobile sales enablement pilot and then make it work? Here are five steps to consider:

    Step 1: Establish Roles

    Identify which people will be administrators vs sales app users. Then review which people will need access to data about content usage and productivity. Make sure that everyone understands their role and how their participation contributes to the success of the program.

    Step 2: Establish Baseline Measurements

    The most important metric in a pilot program is the adoption of the app by sales people. You need to establish how many people will be involved in your pilot. After you roll out the app, identify where your adoption is, then drive towards a goal of 80%-95% adoption across your sales organization.

    Step 3: Create Champions

    Find sales people that like to use technology to close deals. Use them as solution champions. Make sure they capture feedback and document useful tips that will propel usage of the mobile sales enablement platform by other sales people. Save this information to use during your company-wide, rollout.

    Step 4: Collect Feedback and Optimize Processes

    You should have features within your solution for collecting feedback. Make sure you use them for quantitative real-time analysis. Then create reports that identify which sales people are reluctant to adopt the app. Use push notifications to get their attention. Create videos and a training channel for the app. Make sure to include content directly from peers discussing how using the app has improved their productivity and ultimately their compensation. These testimonials will help even the most hardcore opponents get excited about the solution and how it can help them.

    Step 5: Celebrate Your Success

    As was documented with CRM, it’s hard to get salespeople to adopt technology. Once you’ve hit your goals, celebrate with the entire pilot team. Reward everyone with a small present. Appreciate everyone’s hard work and share the success.

    Most importantly, reap the benefits of a successful mobile sales enablement launch and start to accelerate your sales. Download our “Successful Mobile Sales Enablement Pilots” E-Book to check out the full mobile sales enablement deployment strategy guide.

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