Real-Time Email Optimization Goes Live, Relies On Data

@lauriesullivan, (July 16, 2015)

Most content management systems support fixed editorial and advertising content at the time the emails and newsletters are scheduled, but PowerInbox’s RevenueStripe, an email recommendation platform platform launching Wednesday, allows publishers to update advertising and advertorials at the time the reader opens personalized newsletters. Company CEO Jeff Kupietzky said publishers can just as easily optimize editorial content in real time.

Technology powering RevenueStripe makes about 20 million daily decisions on the type of content to serve.  When a user opens an email, the platform pulls data on the individual user, his or her view-and-click behavior, the newsletter, the device, the time, the location, and more before serving the content. The platform also runs correlations based on audience segments to predict the type of user who would click on a specific piece of content.

Rather than using a browser cookie, the data gets tied to a “hashed” email address, a unique key the company takes across devices to better understand a specific user’s preferences without knowing their name and physical identity, explains Kupietzky. Since people open emails on multiple devices daily, the technology can maintain a profile of the user independent of the device they’re on.

The product opens a range of ad-targeting opportunities for publishers and brands. PowerInbox’s technology gets embedded in about 1.5 billion emails sent monthly, for about 300 newsletters from companies such as NFL, General Motors,, Hearst, Ziff Davis, among others. The platform works much like an ad network serving advertisements in a newsletter, explains Kupietzky.

Although Kupietzky declined to disclose the company’s revenue, he said revenue continues to double every quarter since the beta launch less than a year ago. “We get paid per click,” he said. search


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