Paid YouTube Video Advertising – An Introduction

by Andre W. Klein February 7, 2016
February 7, 2016

YouTube has an amazing advertising platform that will skyrocket your business success with just a few clicks. For direct access to the YouTube Advertising platform, you can go to

Did you know that any video uploaded to Youtube can include advertisements? These ads appear before the video is displayed on YouTube and are used for promoting businesses, products or services to customers.

Only a few clicks are enough to grant millions of potential customers worldwide access to your video ads. This service is called Paid YouTube Video Advertising and has produced excellent results for advertisers worldwide.

What is a video ad?

A video ad is a video that promotes a product, a company or services provided by that company. The topics can vary greatly, from a handcrafted product to a major corporation. All are welcome in Youtube Video Advertising.

What is the cost?

The advertiser has full control over the cost of the video ad. You decide how much you want to invest daily, and you only start paying when your video ad starts being displayed.

If the visitor withdraws from the video before 30 seconds, you don’t pay a penny.

Who can be your target audience?

There are several options that YouTube offers to help you choose the right audience for your video ads. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and more.

All of these can help you select the right social group for which to aim your ads.

How are results measured?

Youtube has a very efficient tool called Analytics, which is integrated into its platform and is used to show the detailed performance of your video ad once it begins to be viewed by visitors.

This tool gives you the opportunity to observe at any time, in detail, how many visitors have seen your ad. Thus, determining whether it has been successful or not.

By making use of this tool, you can make improvements to your ads. Also, several ads can be displayed at a time in order to determine which one works best. It is a very important tool that can keep you informed of the efficiency of your video ad.

A very interesting offer that Youtube Advertising has is to provide you with a $ 100 credit for each $ 25 you spend on ads. This credit allows you to keep your ads running a lot more.

Your first campaign

To start your first ad campaign, click on the Get Started tab, which takes you to step 1.

It is a spreadsheet format that asks you to type the URL of the video you want to promote. You can find the video URL in the address bar of your web browser.

In step 2, write a description of your product or business and select a thumbnail image for your video ad.

In step 3, establish the currency you will use and the amount of money you will pay for your ads.

In step 4, choose a target audience.

Select the location, i.e. the countries in which you want your ad to be displayed. You can select the age, gender, and interests of your target audience. If, for example, your ad is about making chocolate cakes, you can select ‘all ages’ and ‘both sexes’.

The system then asks you whether you have had previous experiences with Youtube Advertising. Mark your experience as positive or negative.

Finally, if everything is OK, click on Create and your video ad will be all set to be viewed by millions of people worldwide.

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