Opt-In Offers That Will Have Your Visitors Handing Over Their Emails

— January 18, 2017

Opt-in offers are a great, fast way to building a large email list, but as consumers grow more and more protective of their personal information, you’ll have to create better offers if you want them to hand their email over.

Bribes, lead magnets, opt-in offers; they all have the same end goal: persuading your visitors to hand over their precious email address. Consumers today know that their email is valuable, which means you’ll need to create a really compelling reason for them to opt-in to your offer.

Before we dive into what types of opt-in offers your visitors want, you should know the three characteristics for an effective opt-in incentive

1. Congruency

We covered this on the previous Marketer Monday, but the ads and opt-in offers you run should look the same and deliver the same message as one another. This ensures when people click your ads, they see the same message delivered and don’t feel confused.

2. Provide a Quick Solution to a Single Problem

When people find your website there is a good chance that they’re looking for a solution to a frustration or desire. Your opt-in offer should give a quick taste on what kind of information your visitor can find on your website, now and in the future.

Don’t make the all too common error of an opt-in offer that is trying to solve all the problems.

3. Relate to the Reason People are Visiting Your Page

There are tons of different opt-in offers to encourage visitors to hand over their email, but they won’t all suit your business or site. If you create an opt-in offer that relates to who is visiting your site and why, then you’ll starting seeing your email list grow like crazy.

If you really want to build a large email list fast, you’ll need to create an opt-in offer that your visitors won’t be able to refuse. Most people use a newsletter but that might not be the best fit for your business. Read below for several more opt-in offers to get those precious emails:

Opt-In Offer #1: Free e-Book

opt in offers

An eBook doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long, a great eBook could be 8 or 10 pages and still have a great deal of information inside. Make your eBook go viral and encourage sharing! Your eBook could spread and help you attract potential costumers.

Opt-In Offer #2: Free Downloadables or Printables

As long as you offer useful information that they can’t find elsewhere on your site, these two opt-in offers are a great strategy to building a bigger email list.

Downloadable articles or infographics will work best if you pack them full of rich information and highlight how they differ from what’s already on your site.

If you’re not too comfortable writing, create something more visual that your visitors will want to download. Worksheets, checklists, or post cards are all great offers to bribe your visitors into give you their email.

Opt-In Offer #3: Free Course or Webinar

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Turn into ‘expert’ status with a free mini-course. If you have a lot of know-how in your field, it can easily be done. Think, “What kind of information are visitors seeking when they come to my site and how can I teach them?”

Opt-In Offer #4: Run a Contest

This one depends on your business/website, but there could be a ton of options for a opt-in offer built on a contest. A contest to win one of your products or a special item is a quick and easy way to build up your email list. Just make sure not to give away your primary product!

Opt-In Offer #5: Member-Only Forums or Specials

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These member-only boards and group are a hot commodity in several niche markets. Step in and provide a place for your niche to meet and discuss. More than an opt-in offer, building a community around your niche will give you an incredible opportunity to learn more about your customers and what kind of products and services you can create to meet their needs.

As you see, there are a wide variety of opt-in offers that you can create to get today’s cautious consumer to hand over their email. With some customizing, any of the above ideas could build you a highly-targeted list of emails. The key to creating an offer that is effective and enticing is applying the creativity that is right for you and your target audience!

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