New Year, New Goals: Making The Right Resolutions For Your Small Business

February 5, 2015

The year 2015 began just a few short weeks ago, and now is as good a time as any to prioritize your main goals for the year, or as it’s often referred, to make resolutions.

Resolutions don’t always have to be drastic; they should be attainable. Start by evaluating your business’ current situation and look for areas that need improvement.

Since no two businesses are alike, one may strive for a more profitable year while another is building a strategy to create a better brand or manifest a more cohesive marketing plan.

So, you’ve jotted down a few ideas, made note of what’s working within the business and what isn’t, and have come up with some general goals for the year. Maybe you even think you’re ready to make this the best year yet. But how certain are you that the goals you’ve set forth for a path to success are actually going to get you there?

To help you out, I’ve uncovered some “unconventional” resolutions to make 2015 the best year for your business.

For starters, let’s take an in-depth look at the crucial components that make up a smooth operation:

Your Team:

This group of people is the backbone of your future as a business owner. Without a well-rounded, dedicated, and hard-working team, the business can plummet.

  • Utilize the strengths of each employee. Cater to the uniqueness of each person so that his or her potential is maximized.
  • Make sure everyone knows and respects the business outlook and understands the overall vision for the company.
  • Value the power of diversity, and rather than speak to your employees from an “I” stance, use “we” instead. This will build camaraderie among teammates.

Your Strategy:

A good business strategy is a clear and concise direction that you plan to take your business. Knowing which direction you need to take your brand, your product, or your services, will set your business up for success.

  • Think of your business strategy as defining each step toward a goal you’d like to reach. For example, your ultimate goal may be meeting the ever-changing needs of the consumer. From there, you can develop the means by which that goal will be attained.

    • Your business strategy will not work if your main goal is to beat out the competition. A good rule of thumb is to think like the consumer. How can you better your company so that your followers will always seek out your business before another?

  • When thinking of your business strategy, keep these things in mind: your company’s mission, which path will lead to business growth, and how you will adapt to changes within the market.

The Customer:

Whether you own a brick and mortar business or your business is conducted solely online, how often do you speak to or email exchange with your customers?

Learning about the consumer is always a good goal to tackle in the New Year. Since the consumer is the biggest contributor to your company’s success, spend time interacting with them.

You can gain a lot of insight about what works and what doesn’t within your business from those who utilize your products or services the most.

Connecting with your clientele can be done via personal interactions or through email, website inquires, or feedback cards handed out with retail transactions.

Showing you’re invested in giving your customers the very best of your business won’t go unnoticed.


If you haven’t had a chance to put together some resolutions for your business, it’s not too late! Taking the time to really evaluate how far you’ve come and figure out where to want to go is invaluable to your success, so be honest with yourself. What is working well and what could be improved? By looking at your business from all angles, from your team to your end customer, you can set attainable goals for the year ahead.

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