Network Marketing Training ? Training New Members

Hey! Congratulations. You just sponsored a new member into your network marketing business. So now what do you do? There are several choices here and often times your success will be dictated entirely by how you choose to interact with that new member.



Your first choice is to show them the products, tell them about the company and compensation plan and hope they figure out how to go out and sponsor some new members for themselves. This option sounds a little lazy but really you can’t spend all your time with a new recruit, you have to keep working to enroll more. Your second choice is to build a strong relationship with your new member, provide them with the network marketing training they need to be successful and work with them as a peer and a partner. You can be quite certain that they will stay involved for the long term if the network marketing training they receive from you leads to their success.



It won’t be obviously to everyone that the second choice will always yield better results. It will sometimes seem like you are wasting your time working with people and providing network marketing training to them only to have them give up and quit before they have any success. It’s clear though, and the industry statistics support the fact that engagement and ability are the critical factors in determining whether or not someone will succeed with a given opportunity (or any business for that matter).



It’s critical that you treat your new members like gold. Ensure that you provide them with quality network marketing training to get them on the right track to succeeding. Spend as much time as possible with them. This time issue is where people sometimes get confused. They mistakenly spend an unlimited amount of time with their leads. In most cases they haven’t properly learned how to generate leads and thus spend a disproportionate amount of time with each lead, trying to enroll them. This is absolutely the wrong approach. Many leads and prospects are never going to join your business for a variety of reasons. Your time needs to be divided mostly between generating leads and providing network marketing training to new members. This time allocation will be the most efficient way for you to grow your business.



Your main mission is to recruit people who can learn enough, through your network marketing training courses, to be self-sufficient and duplicate what you are doing. Once you have enough of these people, your business will become almost self-sustaining and provide you with a great long-term residual income.



It all starts however, with enrolling new members and providing them with top notch network marketing training. It’s important to remember why you started a business in the first place. You probably wanted the great income or maybe the residual income or time freedom that accompanies this sort of business. Spending a lot of time and ensuring that you are providing quality network marketing training to your new members is the best way to achieve this.