More Reasons Why Video is Crucial to a Marketing Strategy

  • — March 9, 2017

    Video is a crucial, necessary, and important part of any marketing strategy. In fact, brands who use videos as part of their “ecommerce experience” state that those videos contribute a 6% to 30% increase in sales and also contribute to a boost in conversion rates.

    Data also suggests that consumers who watch a video online are 46% more likely to research the products they see in the video and more than 50% of consumers use video on their smartphone in order to make purchasing decisions. Generation Y shoppers are 264% more likely to share product videos when shopping online.

    If you still aren’t swayed, check out the stats below to see just how crucial a video marketing plan is for your business.

    Video Drives Traffic & Purchases

    • Video content generates an average of 3 times as many monthly visitors as other content does.
    • Video reviews on product pages increase the time visitors spend on the page by 340%.
    • Shoppers are 52% more confident in their purchases when there is video content available.
    • Websites with video content see 88% more time spent on pages by website visitors.
    • There is a 127% increase in pages visited per shopping session when there are videos on product pages.

    Video Viewing Preferences

    • YouTube is the #1 destination for viewing product/brand videos.
    • Mobile video viewers are 1.2 times more likely to think more of a company that offers product videos.
    • By 2019, 72% of mobile traffic will be online video content.
    • Tablet users watch online videos longer than 10 minutes.
    • 54% of mobile users watch videos that are less than 10 minutes.

    Millennials, Videos, and Shopping

    • 4 in 5 Millennial shoppers find videos helpful when researching future purchases.
    • 1 in 3 Millennials purchase a product as a result of viewing the online video.
    • Millennials are 146% more likely to view videos on retailer’s websites.
    • ¾ of all Millennials rely on video to comparison shop.

    Interesting YouTube Stats

    • YouTube reaches 81.2% of Internet users in the US.
    • How-To videos are one of the most popular videos on the site.
    • 55% of all Google keyword searches return at least one video result.
    • 82% of Google video results lead to YouTube.

    It’s time to do a video!

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