The Power of A/B Split Testing in Digital Marketing (Infographic)

May 12, 2015

A click, a form completion, a subscription to a newsletter, a sale – these and more are the goals business owners and marketers want to achieve in their digital marketing campaigns. Of course, most if not all digital marketers would most certainly want to improve and get better results – and they can only do that by doing things differently.

A/B Split Testing removes the guesswork from your choices of digital marketing campaigns. HubSpot reported that testing landing pages through this method can generate more leads by as much as 30 to 40%. And yet, only 40% of digital marketers actually test and validate the results of their marketing campaigns according to MarketingSherpa. According to them, not validating the statistical significance of your marketing data is like not doing any testing at all.

So, as a serious digital marketing practitioner, it is vital that you perform proper A/B Split Testing for your campaigns and get as much positive results as you can from all your marketing efforts. The following gives an overview of just how much power you can harness from A/B Split Testing – and take your digital marketing campaigns into a higher, more optimized level.

 1. A/B Split Testing Saves You Time, Money and Effort – Nothing can ruin a good digital marketing campaign more than sending targeted audiences to landing pages or product pages that do not give a good and rewarding online experience – thus resulting in little or no engagements or conversions at all. A/B Split Testing can save you from all these hard work and wasted campaigns by helping you identify campaigns or changes to existing campaigns that actually work or create favorable results.

2. A/B Split Testing Can Optimize Your Home Page –  The most viewed page of your website is the Home Page and campaigns may or may not be directed to this page, particularly if clicks are sent directly to a landing page. But in any case, it pays to have your Home Page optimized, and A/B Split Testing can be used to optimize certain elements in your Home Page depending on your intended goals or targets.

3. A/B Split Testing Can Optimize Your Landing Page – An effective digital marketing campaign funnels targeted audiences to a Landing Page for lead generation, subscription or sales. A/B Split Testing can be used to optimize certain elements in your Landing Pages to make them deliver results according to your intended purpose or goal.

4. A/B Split Testing Can Optimize Your Call-To-Action – Another very important element that is very vital to your digital marketing success is your Call-To-Action. Small changes to important elements in your call to action can deliver significant results, and if done properly through A/B Split Testing.

5. A/B Split Testing Can Optimize Your Conversion Strategy – Conversion optimization is a very important strategy for digital marketing and it is important that marketers use A/B Split Testing to maximize the results from your campaign. Through testing you can identify key page elements that will create the biggest results from your conversion strategy.

6. A/B Split Testing Can Optimize Your PPC Campaign –  PPC Campaigns can deliver great results particularly for keywords that are intended for commercial or business use, generating as much as 64% of the total click throughs from these keywords.

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