Mastering PPC: 3 Tips for Creating Compelling Text Ads

  • — November 17, 2016

    Mastering PPC: 3 Tips for Creating Compelling Text Ads

    Text ads are an extremely important element of your PPC campaign. Your text ads serve as your gatekeeper to keep out the searchers you don’t want and attract the searchers you do want.

    Consider these three tips for creating compelling text ads:

    1. Balance Your Text Ads

    The key to a successful text ad is a balance of relevant keywords and a call to action. Don’t try to cram in too many keywords or forget a call to action, and make sure that your text ads contain information relevant to your landing page.

    2. Use Ad Extensions

    Google and other search engines offer a wide variety of ad extensions. Utilize the ad extensions that work best for you. That could include phone, location, services, type, sitelinks, etc. The more relevant extensions you add into your campaign, the more space you win on the page.

    3. Check on Your Competitors

    Do some searches to see what your competitors are offering. Can you offer price-match or similar specials? Keeping an eye on the search landscape can help you remain competitive in the market.

    Creating an effective text ad is important so you can entice searchers to click on your ad and (hopefully) become your customer. Check back next week for the next part in our mastering PPC series when we’ll be talking about landing pages.

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