Landing Page Design: How to Improve It to Get More Conversions

August 27, 2015

In this digital age, almost all of our daily communications lie in the hands of the Internet. From messages, to video calls, to emails and social networking sites, our lives are dependent on it. With all of this conducted through the Internet, it’s not a surprise that the demand for e- commerce has seen a tremendous increase.

Whether you stumble upon an interesting celebrity or simply want to read up on your favorite TV show, having a strong landing page can make or break your connections. So before the latter happens, let’s discuss some tips and strategies to strengthen your landing page.

The importance of web design for your landing page

Landing Page Design Tips

  • Converting viewers to clients: The reason a landing page is created is, of course, to generate more clients. The amount of time you have to develop a connection with a person viewing your page is just a matter of seconds. You want to ensure that you web page is current, up to date and eye catching to capture the interest of your audience.

  • Fierce competition: From advertising agencies to solo musicians, everyone needs a strong landing page to advertise for themselves. Your landing page serves as your online representation. You want to make it fun and preppy to engage the viewer’s attention.

  • Clear message: Explaining your goals and motives face to face or even holding a conversation over the phone is much easier to convey a clearer message. In this fast-paced lifestyle, who has the time to do so? Hence, it is ideal that your landing page is not complicated and should be user-friendly with a clear definition of what you are and how you work.

Remember, all of your worldwide online connections are being built through small to large screen impressions.

8 Web Design tips to enhance your Landing Page

Landing Page Design Tips

Now that you are aware of how important your web design is, when it comes to your landing page, we can discuss important tips so that you don’t miss out on anything the next time you’re creating one.

Effectively Connect: As we all know it, web pages are part of your marketing strategies. Grabbing the visitor’s attention is important in the first 5 seconds. You need to open with a statement idea that connects to everybody. This could guarantee the viewer staying on the page and, if you’re lucky, possibly lead to a conversion.

As you are directly speaking to your target audience, use simple words like ‘you’ and ‘because’. This by itself creates a bond ‘because’ while ‘you’ address them on a more personal note, you’re also providing simple valuable information to them.

Straight to the Point: Many people browse through the Internet as a leisure activity. At workplaces, a landing page can be seen as a resume of sorts. You don’t want to complicate your page with unnecessary details. This would only confuse your viewers which could be bad for your business. So stick to the point by keeping descriptions short and sweet. Use writing tactics like highlighting important sentences and increasing the fonts of important words so that reading does not get monotonous.

Clarity Matters: When writing important details, break them down into points. Presenting ideas in point forms with headings and subheadings is easier to read and comprehend than never ending paragraphs. You don’t want to bore your potential clients, you want to engage their attention instead.

No Room for Clutter: Keep your page spacious with just the right amount of pictures and details. A tiny detail, like simple fonts, can make the biggest difference to your landing page. Be creative. Viewers have short attention spans. You need to capture them as soon as possible.

Landing Page Design Tips

Easy Navigation: It’s always better to provide easier navigation to readers than complicated ones. You don’t want to confuse them with crowded menus and fonts. A layout with simpler messages and highlighted points with fewer important icons on the menu work much better. Your readers are engaged within seconds, looking through all the functions of your page.

Contact: Once your target customers arrived on your page, you’d want them to call you right away. Mention how they can contact you in a separate clear department. Some people prefer making a simple phone call as their method of contact, others prefer messaging instead. So you can also mention other ways of getting in touch with you like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Call to Action: Ensure that the call to action button is located at an eye-catching spot on the page. You can change its color to contrast the rest of the page. What’s the point of engaging viewers if you’re not going to convert them into your clients? Keep an easily accessible download button or sign-up form to help strengthen your possible conversions.

More Web Design Tips to Make your Landing Page Pop!

Tweaking around your landing page and customizing it can help a lot in improving its search engine visibility. As your aim is to drive profitable traffic towards your site, you’d want to offer them a bit more than other sites are offering them. Thus, you need to show them proof that you can deliver what you promise.

Landing Page Design Tips

  • Social Proof– It’s easy to con vulnerable clients over the Internet. To prove you aren’t a conman, show your customers some social proof. This could be in the form of security certification, partner logos or outstanding reviews from other clients. A client will always hit the call-to-action button if they have evidence that can help them trust your work.

  • Let the video or picture do the talking– As mentioned before, cluttering your space is not the best option for your page. You can refrain from doing so by just adding a video or picture and a heading describing what it is about. Creating more white space give a serene feel to the page. A video can make a larger impact on viewers because it is more persuasive than still images.

  • Persuasive copy– Create your landing page by putting yourself in the shoes of your visitors. This can give you a clearer picture about the do’s and don’ts in creating a landing page.

Don’t let your potential clients slip away because of tacky web designs. Give your visitors a visual treat. Be creative, be unique! Learn more how to create a landing page design that can help you convert your visitors into paying customers by checking this eBook guide.

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