Keep Things Fresh On the Company Blog in 3 Steps

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November 23, 2014

When you first start your company blog, writing about your business seems second nature. You’re filled with ideas that you can’t wait to get on the computer screen. Every little small business topic inspires you; you’re overflowing with stimulation and knowledge on an array of applicable topics. And this may be the case for a couple months, a full year even, but somewhere down the road, that otherwise flowing fountain of inspiration will abruptly run out.

It happens to the best of us. You can only cover so many topics that fall under the umbrella of your particular industry, so once you’ve got the more obvious posts out of the way it can be tricky to dig up new, original ideas that will keep your readers engaged.

If you find yourself coming down with a case of blogger’s block, look to these three tips for inspiration:

Look to other departments

If you have a team of writers, start by brainstorming within the group. Even just tossing out ideas that seem silly may lead to a really great idea. Bouncing around thoughts with another person forces you to consider ideas that you wouldn’t regularly consider yourself.

That said, even brainstorming within your team can feel a little less than inspiring some days. On these days, reach out to other departments. Ask what questions seem to be popping up frequently with the customer service department, or see which of your products/services hasn’t been doing so hot with the sales department- it could make a good, needed article.

Follow along with the news and pop culture

Even if you think a piece of news doesn’t apply to your business, chances are there’s some way to comment on it, or relate to it on some level. Don’t be afraid to give the opinion of your business on something that’s coming up in the news, especially if it’s a local matter.

Additionally, you can use a lot of pop culture news for lighter articles. Like “5 Business Tips I Learned While Watching Frozen.” The news and pop culture gives us a jumping off point to get creative and assign a personality to our business blog.

Invite regular guest posters

Inviting guest posters to write for your blog will fill your blog with new and different content. It’s good to change things up every now and then. Your customers can grow tired of reading the same tone and voice day after day- throwing a new writer into the mix is a good way to break that up.

When you invite bloggers from different websites to write for your blog, you’re also gaining a new audience that might not have otherwise stumbled upon your blog. Additionally, cross-blogging can often lead to other types of partnerships if you decide to send some posts their way as well. In the end, cross-blogging is a win-win for everyone involved.

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