Is Your Email Content As Relevant As Corey Feldman?

January 6, 2016

In the 1980s, star Corey Feldman was the cat’s meow at the box office and tabloids covered him everywhere. Today’s he’s attempting to start a singing career as his acting career has gone into obscurity. Don’t let your email become as relevant to your readers as Feldman is to a Hollywood filmmaker.

For example, I just received an offer for a flea treatment for a product that I “may” have purchased five years ago–I don’t even own a dog. This irrelevant email is a perfect example of what not to do when developing your email strategy (more on this below).

If there is one area to focus on for your 2016 email marketing, let’s all think of one word: “Relevance.”

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Get Irrelevant Email out of Your Communications


Let’s dive a little deeper into this email.

  • Wrong person: We don’t own a pet and I can’t remember ever purchasing flea treatments in the past. Let’s assume I did purchase the product so we can go to the next point.
  • Wrong time: Five years ago since my last purchase? That’s a lifetime. The article should have asked me how my Netscape browser was working.
  • Where’s the Value? Great, you are telling me about the store but there are tons of other pet stores online. How about talking about the relationship with my pet to personalize the message? Or, how to keep your pet happy and healthy?
  • No Conversation: If I did purchase something 5 years ago, waiting that long to have a communication is like waiting 30 years for a Goonies remake (still waiting).
  • Offer: 5% off isn’t exactly enticing.

Give Your Email Relevance: 3-point Rule of Thumb

As a marketer, it’s difficult to offer true 1-to-1 communications with your email and nurturing efforts. It takes a lot of planning, pristine data and great content.

While you build that long-term plan, how about getting rid of your obviously irrelevant communications? This month, go get an immediate win and make three adjustments to get the Corey Feldman emails out of your system.

This year, think about following this mantra–deliver the right content at the right time to the right people.

1) The Right Content/Offers: Promote an eval download during the early to mid stages of a lead’s journey. Or, if a customer just purchased a printer, send an email in 30 days offering a discount on ink refills.

Wrong content/offers: If the person has already downloaded the eval, don’t send another email with an eval download call-to-action. And that review from 2001, it’s time to replace it or give it the ax.

2) The Right Person: Know your audience. For example, deliver ROI content your executives and tech tips to everyday users.

Wrong content/offers: Don’t send “Expecting a baby?” diaper offers to a 60-year-old grandfather.

3) The Right Time: Send an onboarding string of emails after a person becomes a customer.

Wrong time: Don’t send an upgrade message to someone who hasn’t even purchased. Or, don’t deliver an introductory email promoting a “buy now” message when your product has a six-month buying cycle.

Conclusion: Plan for Content Relevance

To establish a deeper relationship with your audience, deliver content that people want to consume when they want to consume it. While you build that plan, work to keep the irrelevant emails out of your email communications.

On the Corey Feldman front, I give him credit for trying–my kids love the Goonies and he always keeps things entertaining. If you are in the mood for a little Feldman entertainment, you might get some enjoyment out of this video. I apologize in advance if you get the song stuck in your head.

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