What is Key in Today’s Era of Fast Creative Collaboration?

January 2, 2015

Societies around the world have idolized all things fast centuries before we developed a modern concept of it. The first-ever ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC featured a sprinting competition to honor Zeus, the king of the gods. Now we are constantly trying to revolutionize fast with the ultimate goal of eliminating the boundaries of space and time.

Technology has played an immense role in speeding up the pace of life. Millennials are the first generation to have grown up with personal computers and the World Wide Web easily accessible. Now they have just about forgotten the days of dial up and cringe at underperforming connectivity, becoming frustrated when large files such as videos aren’t immediately available.

WebDAM recently created an infographic explaining how technology began to lessen the boundaries of space in time with the introduction of cloud data sharing in the 1960s. Titled “How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved Over Time,” the infographic is a timeline highlighting milestones in modern technology through today. It even goes so far as to make predictions for the coming year as well as 2017.

Creative collaboration is the best way to capitalize on the greatest ideas, theories and innovations. It allows a limitless amount of team members to be in the loop, work together on a project and flesh out the best processes for moving forward. However, if a team is limited by space and time, as in all team members must be in one place at one time to work on a project together, that team will never reach its full potential.

Thankfully, technology and the processes of collaboration have evolved to the point where team members can work across time zones and geographic boundaries. Experts in China, Spain and America can now collaborate in real time. Data from drones exploring places humans cannot easily access provide invaluable information and insight. We’ve come far from the days of utilizing CDs to store and transfer data and with mobile devices becoming more and more powerful it looks as if creative collaboration will continue to evolve in positive ways.


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