“I Am Groot.” What’s Your Email Marketing Really Saying?

April 19, 2015

“I am Groot.” Those are the only three words Groot says through most of the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy film. Rocket’s the only character who “gets” Groot. While it certainly makes for an element of humor in the film, it’s not the way you want to operate your email marketing campaigns.

Point is, simply repeating your message over and over “at” your audience won’t get you anywhere. You’ll get lost in the noise on the Internet, and if your customers even find you in the first place, they probably won’t stick around for long.

Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Work for You

Nearly three-quarters of adults prefer email communication from businesses, compared to just 17% who prefer social media and in-person communication.

Make the most of your email marketing with these tips:

● Write all your emails as if you were speaking to one person, rather than your entire list. This instantly creates a more personal message.

● Make sure your emails are useful, offering something of value to your customers. Don’t waste their time.

● Keep messages short and sweet.

● Write engaging subject lines with power words to pique curiosity.

● When selling, highlight product/service benefits and what the customer will be missing if they choose not to buy.

● Use clear and concise calls to action. Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do.

Integrate Your CRM and Email Marketing

Your CRM puts tons of information at your fingertips that will make it easier to customize your email marketing campaigns. Using the same message for all your customers isn’t an ideal approach because it won’t “speak” to everyone the same way. The more personalized your messages are, the better your results will be. Emails with personalized subject lines have an average of 17% higher click-through rates, and 81% of consumers say they are “at least somewhat likely” to purchase from businesses that send personalized emails based on their previous shopping experiences.

With an integrated CRM and email marketing approach, you can see customers in each stage of the funnel to tailor your email marketing to customers in each segment. You’ll see who’s opening your emails, who’s clicking through from the emails to your website, and who’s ignoring you. Then you can fine-tune your marketing strategy to make the most of customers who are responding and do more to capture those who aren’t.

Insightly integrates with MailChimp to make it easy for you to manage your contacts. Insightly contacts can be exported to MailChimp, and MailChimp contacts can be imported to Insightly to ensure all customers and prospects are in the same place.

Your sales and marketing teams will be working with a single database, meaning there’s no lag time while the marketing team waits for the sales reports to gauge the effectiveness of their latest campaign. As soon as marketing messages go out, the sales team can focus on qualified leads coming in.

Recent data shows clients who communicate with your brand are twice as likely to do so via email, rather than via Facebook. Considering Facebook’s organic reach is now down to about 2%, and your email will always be delivered, it’s a good time to invest in email marketing campaigns. Remember, about ⅔ of email is opened on a mobile device. Concentrate efforts on delivering mobile-friendly, personalized, and timely email marketing messages, and you’re on your way to increased sales and brand loyalty. Leave Groot behind to spread his poorly understood message while you deliver the goods.

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