How Your Business Can Use This Billion Dollar Ad Formula

November 23, 2014

RECOMMENDATION: As you watch this video think through your story.  You want to connect with the customers (this is who I am/we are), you want to highlight the problem/challenge you saw in the market (“this frustrated us/was a problem for us), and then show the solution (“so we started/built/created” this).  I have placed notations in the videos to flag each step of the billion-dollar formula.

Marketing is a science.  It’s about communicating quickly and clearly. Too many small businesses are “doing stuff” just to do it.  You have to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn and so on.  So you do it.  Video is hot.  So you do it.  When the returns don’t come back everything is to blame except you.

If you’re not getting the kind of results you want, chances are your message is not connecting. No matter what media you use or how much you spend, if the message doesn’t resonate it will fall way short.

The companies creating mind blowing returns, such as P90X, Weight Watchers, ProActive and countless others ALL follow the formula you’re about to learn here.

There are of course countless outlets to communicate. From print media, direct mail, search engine marketing, radio and so on, businesses have more options than ever before. None, however, are more powerful and effective at connecting with consumers than video.

And now you can create video marketing for next to nothing.

In this post I’m going to give you the video marketing formula responsible for generating BILLIONS (Dr. Evil pinky to mouth) annually for some of the best marketers on the planet.

Regardless of how many videos you may have in your arsenal, you absolutely must have one that follows this exact formula. If you only have 1 video in your toolbox, make sure that video follows this formula.

Here’s the Formula:

  1. Identity (who are you, how do you relate?)
  2. Struggle (You understand the audiences pain)
  3. Discovery (You found this amazing solution to solve the pain)
  4. Result (What happened as a result of this discovery)

To provide you with some excellent examples you can study for your own preparation, review these Videos Below.

The video marketing piece above for Jennifer Hudson with Weight Watchers does a great job of weaving pieces of the formula in and out of the video to create a well rounded, connected piece.

This formula is used over and over again to the tune of billions in revenue annually. The next time you are wondering what type of video to shoot, don’t just go about talking up the features and components of your product or service. Use this formula to give your target a chance to know, like and trust you!

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