How Video Can Improve Your Mobile Conversion

September 24, 2015

If you are considering different strategies to get more traffic to your website, think about video marketing.

In one study, 8 out 10 respondents interviewed by ReelSEO said that video had a positive impact on their businesses.

Animated explainer video has been proving itself lately to be hot in demand and working extremely well to get more viewers to websites especially people using mobile devices.

Video streaming from mobile phones and mobile devices is becoming more common than watching commercials on television.

How Video Improves Mobile Conversion

1. Videos help consumers see much more in detail about the product they’re learning about. They see what it looks like, who’s making it, and they are more apt to feel confident about buying it.

2. Videos grab people’s attention especially on a mobile device. On a desktop screen, a video may take up only a portion of the screen. On a mobile device, especially a smartphone, the video takes up the entire screen.

3. Videos pull in more of our senses: visually and auditory.

4. Showing “stories” about the product. When you see a video with the product in use, you’ll have a better idea of whether the product is a good fit for what you’re looking for.

5. Shorter video is better. Wistia found that more than 80% of people watch an entire video that is 30 seconds or less. That drops to below 70% for videos over one minute. People have short attention spans especially online.

How to Make Your Explainer Videos Better to Get Even More Conversions

Create videos that explain something, help people with a problem and have a way to solve the problem at the end of the video.

Keep the explainer video focused on the audience you’re targeting and the particular topic you’re covering.

Somewhere in the video, most often at the end, include contact information to encourage watchers to contact your company for more information.

You know how you see a funny video online and the first thing you want to do is share it with someone? The same goes for explainer videos. If viewers like the video with the product enough, they’ll share it on social media.

You’re very likely to see a surge of viewers if you make great videos and make them easily sharable via social media. In fact video gets shared 1,200% more than text and links put together according to Simply Measured.


Add social sharing buttons as secondary calls-to-action on the page where you embed the video on your own website. Use the mobile-optimized versions of these sharing buttons.
Create a title that is short, but clear on what will be seen and clear on why someone should watch. It’s about the benefit to them. A tip they receive. An interesting fact. Something unique that they can share that will make them appear smart and funny when they share it with their friends.
Also include email and messaging sharing. People do share via these “old school” social networks often on their smartphones.

Using A Call-To-Action

Explainer videos increase conversion rates best with a single call-to-action, which is part of a defined focus. We find that providing a URL in the video that leads to a specific page or landing page works well. Certain videos can have an annotation that allows the viewer to take the action you would like them to take.

Where to Host Your Videos

Another thing to consider is where you want to host your video. It makes a big difference in the traffic you’ll get. Sure, you can put it on your own site and you’ll get some traffic.

However, consider having it placed on YouTube or a similar well-known and well-liked video site for more eyeballs and higher conversion rates.

You need to go where the audience is in order to capture their attention and your call-to-action can lead them to your website or directly to you and your team while they are still on their phone.

Final Thoughts

Conversion on mobile devices can be a challenge. There is less screen space, but that is one of the great things about video.

A video can fill a mobile device’s screen capturing the full attention of the viewer. What you need to do is to pull them in with a great story and then get them to take the action you want.

Here are three things that you should do when you are thinking to do an explainer video and increase your mobile conversion rate:

1. Make is short and concise

2. Add a focused, easy to remember call-to-action that can be done immediately while they are still on their mobile

3. Make sure the video hosting you use promotes easy sharing and mobile viewing

At Breadnbeyond, what we do is creating videos that are short enough to fit mobile viewers attention span, supported with engaging animation that would glue their eyes on the screen.

Check this video for an example:


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