How To Master Facebook Reach And Dominate Your Industry

by Sahail Ashraf January 27, 2016
January 27, 2016

Content reach. We all crave it because it means that we simply expose our brand message to more people. But getting a large content reach isn’t always a given, and it can take a long time for us to feel we are anywhere near where we want to be.

If we don’t have a lot of time to give to Facebook (and goodness knows some of us are very pushed for time on our various social media channels) it can really help if you have some kind of ‘cheat sheet’ that allows you to get the jump on your competition, and produce reach-garnering content that really helps you grow quickly.

How To Master Facebook Reach And Dominate Your Industry

Consider this post our cheat sheet for growing content reach without the use of Facebook advertising. Use the organic tips and strategies contained in it wisely and you just might be able to look at a Facebook presence that is more powerful and more effective than ever before. Your worries about reach will be a thing of the past, and you will be well on the way to having a platform that brings you that much-needed ROI.

1. Use hashtags and tagging to reach a new audience

Hashtags and tagging are great ways to connect with other people and they allow you to become part of a much larger conversation than you might otherwise expect.

Don’t believe anyone who says that hashtags are a thing of the past. They simply aren’t. And all you have to do is find relevant hashtags for your business, and then use them. One caveat is the same as it has always been. Don’t overuse hashtags, but instead see them as a way to connect with more people. Sorry, reach more people.

Seriously, find hashtags that make sense for you and your brand and get using them. It will open up a lot more doors than you ever imagined.

We do have to offer a little caveat here, and that involves the fact that hashtags can be overused massively. We can’t stress enough that using hashtags may be a good thing, but too much of a good thing is most definitely possible in this instance.


If you are going to use hashtags, bear in mind that they sometimes have an adverse effect on your reach too, mostly because they are overused or just used in the first place. We kind of know what we’re talking about here too.

The takeaway? Use hashtags and tags as part of a test first of all. You’ll probably find that a couple of good hashtags or people to tag, backed up by incredible content (see tip two below) is the best way to go. Overuse irrelevant tags so it looks like you’re on commission with the darn things, and we’re afraid you’re on your own.

Test, and get the balance right.

2. Create the best content ever. Repeatedly

This is getting even more urgent, and brands are finding that content is now back on top as regards the rankings when it comes to what makes reach happen. Your aim is to sit down and create content that you know will help to bring in even more reach and engagement. Content is, once again, king.

In the old days (yes, we just wrote that phrase) content used to be seen as the be all and end all. This resulted in many brands just using the opportunity to plaster their pages and sites with content that ‘informed and educated’ an audience. Things have changed somewhat, and people are now focusing on making their content relevant, and most importantly engaging.

Like Google, Facebook factors in engagement. This means that the more an audience responds and interacts with a brand’s content, the more it will show up in certain newsfeeds. This means, obviously, that engagement is key. Make your content truly useful, and not a little exciting and engaging. You want your audience to love your content so much that they cannot stop themselves from sharing it with their friends and networks.

Video works well in this regard, because it is immediate and entertaining, and Facebook algorithm prefers it to status updates and link posts. You should also make sure to optimise your quality content by posting it on the best day and time of the day.

And then do it again and again.


3. Focus on using the page to offer value through a story

Most brands don’t know about how best to make use of their Facebook page. They don’t realise that it is, essentially, an excellent About Us page that can be used to offer information about the company and its mission.

Use the page to ensure that your story and values come through loud and clear. This is compelling, and people who are searching for your solution will pick up on what you offer in the way of brand-driven content. We’re talking about getting across the values, the ideas and the cool stuff that makes your brand what it is.

How did the brand come about? What’s the story behind the people who made it all happen? Get these ideas across in a compelling and fun way and people will find you and start sharing and clicking like you invented reach. Try it out and we guarantee that you are more likely to gain more reach with honest, conversation-driven content rather than selling like you’re standing over a car boot.

4. Engage with comments

This one is a real important one. If you receive comments, then engage with them. Don’t go over the top and focus on engaging with every single comment you ever get, but get involved in the conversation, because if you don’t, no one will ever know you exist and your brand will be lost in that kind of redundant hell that is the equivalent of an empty desert, but virtual.

Comments are a great feature of social media, and you need to be part of that feature. The trick is to ensure that you respond to comments quickly (but not immediately, otherwise you look ridiculously keen) and then focus on making sure that you offer a developed and intelligent response to comments. The more you bring really intelligent responses to the comments you have in your stream, the more you will gain more engagement and reach.

5. Get outside of Facebook

This is a relatively new but very effective way of ensuring that you get even more reach from your very best posts on Facebook. Choose your best posts, those that are best performing, and then share them on your other social media profiles.

Most people know that online success is all about networking and publicising, so take the lead on this and use platforms like Twitter to market your content. This is absolutely vital if you are to build that reach.

We suppose what we’re really trying to say here is that the more you market your marketing, the more likely that reach will grow. You kind of have to reach out there first though, and this takes some effort and focus. Aim to tweet your best posts 2-3 times a day, for example, and vary the posts you tweet as much as you can. Show your audience on other platforms what they are missing and they will do everything in their power to not miss it.

share content

If we were to be completely honest we would say that the above tips, while incredibly powerful, won’t get you squat if you don’t apply them carefully and religiously. Creating great content is a discipline for example, and it has to be used as regularly as possible. So while it won’t be immediately rewarding as regards reach, if you work at it, you’re looking at a build-up of reach that really helps to make your brand more visible, and more engagement-worthy.

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