How to download all of your landing pages from Google Search Console via Analytics Edge — and I mean ALL of them!

Google Search Console provides a wealth of data on landing pages, but unfortunately, that data is limited. Columnist Glenn Gabe shares his method for getting around the 1,000-URL limit using an Excel plugin called Analytics Edge.


Google Search Console (GSC) is powerful and provides a boatload of data directly from Google. One of my favorite reports in GSC is the Search Analytics report, which enables you to drill into queries that your site ranks for and the landing pages ranking for those queries, then slice and dice that information by device, country, date and more. You can also compare queries, pages, countries and devices by date, which is extremely helpful when diagnosing surges or drops in traffic.

When analyzing websites, I often export data from GSC to Excel for further analysis. For example, when helping companies with website redesigns or CMS migrations, it’s important to have a solid understanding of all landing pages ranking for queries and receiving Google traffic. You can find that data in the Search Analytics reporting by selecting the Pages group. See below.

GSC Pages Grouping

There’s a nifty Download button at the bottom of the report which enables you to export a spreadsheet with your landing page data. That’s great, but I’m about to rain on your parade: The UI in Google Search Console is limited to only one thousand URLs. Yes, just one thousand. That may be enough for some sites, but it’s extremely limiting for many large-scale sites.

GSC 1K Limit

So we’ve got a tricky situation. We have valuable data directly from Google, but we’re handcuffed by not having enough of it (at least to download). What’s an SEO to do?

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