How Live Chat Can Do Wonder With Ecommerce Business

— December 25, 2016

When you’re running an ecommerce business, you’re well aware that your customers’ shopping experience means everything. Keeping that in mind, you’ll find that the benefits of using a live chat feature to provide real-time customer support to your valued shoppers are numerous. The ability to answer questions, provide useful information, and solve problems makes purchasing products easier and more pleasant for users. Keeping things convenient and enjoyable means your customers will be more likely to complete their initial transactions and make repeat purchases, as well as recommend your site to their family and friends.

Reduce Overheads

In addition, the use of live chat can help you to reduce your overhead, as it minimizes the need for multiple customer service representatives. While each phone call requires a dedicated employee, an experienced and confident staff member can easily handle several simultaneous live chats.

According to a study sponsored by a live chat vendor, 67% of U.S. consumers had used a chat feature on an e-retailer’s web site in 2012. The same study estimated that 75% of users will have done so by 2013. We’ll explore in detail some of the reasons you should harness the power of live chat software today.


The importance of a convenient and enjoyable online shopping experience cannot be underestimated. Few things are more discouraging for a potential buyer than hiccups with a shopping cart, payment, or delivery, especially when resolving the issue requires navigation of a complex, frustrating and usually impersonal automated phone service. When a problem arises, it’s very tempting to simply close the browser, cancel the transaction, and try again some other time—maybe on a different and more user-friendly website, or even at a traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer, where an employee is on hand to answer questions. Live chat, on the other hand, instantly connects the customer to a helpful and personable company representative without requiring him to pick up the phone or click away from the website.

Let’s think about it: would you prefer to hold for an available customer service professional for 20 minutes or have your questions answered immediately and move on?

If you answered the latter, you’re in good company. According to this article on, among users who favor live chat over other means of communicating with customer services teams, 79% preferred it because they were able to have their questions answered immediately, and 46% felt it was the best method of communication. As more e-retailers offer this feature and consumers become more comfortable using it, we’re likely to see these numbers continue to rise.

However, there is a vital thing that you need to keep in mind while incorporating Live Chat function in your website. The landing pages where you are planning to add this function should not be crammed with too many design elements as they will act as distractions. Cut down on the clutter as to make room for Live Chat function and you will see dramatic increase in conversion rate of your website. In order to organise the page properly, try to think from the perspective of the users. There are some cool landing page optimization tools available like MDirector, Unbounce, Landerapp etc that can help you make the landing pages more conversion friendly and users friendly.

Customer Retention

In today’s competitive market, live chat is an excellent way to boost your sales and retain customers. The increased convenience of a shopping experience that includes a live chat feature is clearly attractive to consumers, who are 31% more likely to make a purchase after speaking to a representative online. A knowledgeable professional can instantly walk a customer through the checkout process, answer questions about the items, explain shipping methods available, and suggest other products or services. The customer concludes the transaction feeling highly satisfied, because it’s apparent that the company truly values his business and shopping experience.

In addition to increasing the number of initial transactions completed, you’ll also find that offering this feature helps you to retain customers and build your base. A satisfied shopper is more likely to return to your web site the next time he needs a product or service you offer, because he knows the process will be smooth and straightforward. He’s also more apt to share the details of his agreeable buying experience with family, friends and colleagues. As word-of-mouth spreads, your company will gain a reputation for providing enjoyable and personalized shopping.

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