Hack Your Way To Become A Social Media Influencer In 2016

  • by Daniel Clark January 11, 2016
    January 11, 2016

    With the help of social media, we are making ourselves an active participant of a huge sphere that has managed to become a part of our lives in various ways right from connecting with friends to acquiring some of the vital products and services. The social factors that are instrumental in our success are recognition, attention from others, and gaining status. But, the main factor that is prominent across all the social media channels and makes or breaks a brand is content.

    This brings us to one of the vital components of a social media marketing strategy and that’s exchange of content. It only means that you should be constantly interacting with the content of others and vice-versa.

    It is not so easy to be an active part of the social media world for both small and medium businesses. Large companies are able to generate a short-cut, and thus trying to garner more social signals. However, they are not being serious with their content, as it is not genuine and thus it fails to bring in the results that they had desired with the help of their social media marketing services.

    If you want to get a much-needed boost from your social media marketing endeavors, organic content is the best key for all kinds and size of businesses. These are indications for small business owners that they have a competitive edge over their big counterparts. They have greater chances of making closer connections with their online audience and build a strong influence through valuable content and thought leadership.

    Thought leadership is one of the most lucrative forms of social media marketing as it requires you to share what you know with your own angle. It all starts with content – blogs , videos, editorial content, images, and a host of other content formats, the intention of which is to provide valuable information. Quality content could undoubtedly become a vital part of the online presence and enable you to establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry.

    You may be a acupressure specialist, for example, and are answering some of the most common questions on various ailments through your blog or infographics. Whatever niche you are in, sharing content on social media will help you in connecting directly with the online audience and the potential prospects.

    This is the place where digital intelligence gets the best justice to build the influence. The case is different in the case of small business owners. They could utilized any kind of influence that they could develop to support their own businesses.

    Content is the only reliable support for the owners if they are looking to reach the targeted audience directly. Content will help them in building credibility and develop an authentic relationship.

    With the help of this relationship building process, you will discover that the followers are trusting your expertise and are looking forward to become your valuable leads and potential customers if you are addressing their concern and providing the best solution to them. In addition to that, the followers might refer you to a friend by sharing your content, thus helping you in expanding your influence.

    Here are some vital things that you will need to keep in your mind when you are starting to develop the social media influence for your brand.

    Start With What You Already Know :

    Whether the idea of content has generated from some curiosity, or you are looking to share your expert knowledge, you need to ensure that you are establishing yourself as the expert on the topic.

    Post consistently and don’t lose focus from quality :

    There is no need to pile up the pressure of coming out with tons of content. You could go easily especially during the beginning. You need to pick one channel or content type and be consistent. Your output needs to increase over the time, however you will not be able to build an audience without the pillar of quality content.

    Listen to your prospects :

    Focus on the needs of your prospects and pay more attention to the kind of content that they are engaging with. This is basically an indication of what the audience is generally interested in. When you target this interest of your audience and satiate their need of information, you tend to grow the following even more.

    When you are being honest to your own brand and focus on the content to make it resonate the needs of the targeted audience, you are becoming your own influencer and generating social signals that benefit your brand on social media.


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