Tips For Keeping Your Employees Happy

February 5, 2016


For most organizations, employees are always the most essential resource. Finding and training new employees is a vacuum of money and resource, and losing key workers might mean losing key experience and knowledge to your business.

To hold your best employees, it is critical to ensure that they are contented with their jobs and working environment. There is no single system for improving staff fulfillment. Most places need to try an assortment of measures and gauge the reception to figure out what works best for their staff. While no one method is guaranteed to work, there are a few approaches which have been shown to be effective in most workplaces.

Create a Positive Environment

This may involve working with your employees to figure out their needs and what might make them more fulfilled by their work – and it could be achieved by introducing benefits childcare vouchers, employee rebate programs or strategic scheduling.

It could also be worthwhile looking to improve the physical environment of the workplace. Things like proper lighting, color choices, greenery and various other factors that have been shown to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Pay Your Employees as Per the Industry Benchmarks

Employees will be more fulfilled by their pays when they know they’re earning what they should be for someone in their role. There will usually be an industry standard salary for their position, and this should be taken into consideration along with their experience and performance levels. While not necessarily the most important factor in job satisfaction, proper remuneration is important for most people.

Acknowledgment and Rewards

Regular feedback is an important part of improving performance and productivity. It’s also the ideal opportunity to acknowledge good work and show your appreciation for employees. Positive recognition can boost employee morale, and rewarding those who go above and beyond the expected level of work can go a long way in keeping staff happy.

This can be done through one to one sessions, team meetings or even during company-wide briefs. Knowing that good work will be rewarded is an excellent motivator.


It is important to give the chance for your employees to be creative and to contribute proposals and ideas for improvements in the business. Knowing they’re being listened to and implementing popular ideas can encourage staff to contribute to a positive corporate atmosphere, and it can help improve the way they feel about working with you.

Clear Pathway

The feeling that there’s no way to move up the company ladder can often be demoralizing for staff. Having a clear pathway for progression up the company, either through departmental promotions or additional training, can encourage employees to work towards the betterment of the company.

There should be a well-defined path to promotion, such as hitting performance targets regularly or going the extra mile for the company on a regular basis. If it’s not clear how someone can advance in the organization it can often lead to a feeling of stagnation. Knowing what level they need to perform at not only helps with motivation and workplace satisfaction, it’s also highly beneficial for the business.

Access to Management

There should be regular access to management for employees, to give them a chance to air any concerns they may have and to give them a platform to be heard. Being able to express their opinions to people who can act on them can be hugely motivating, and will also encourage staff to look for improvements in the business

This can be done in numerous different ways, such as a departmental or company meeting, at annual reviews or through email. Find out what works best for your company and review the feedback on a regular basis.

Keeping employees happy at work can be challenging, but by providing a positive working environment, good benefits and pay, and giving staff a voice can always make a big difference.

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